3 Ways To Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Car

Are you looking to buy a car? What do you think about a used car? Are you worried about what would be the condition of the car? Is the owner disclosing all the facts and figures about the car? Having a doubt about the vehicle documents produced by the owner?

These questions are natural to arise when you are considering purchasing a used car. Now how can you solve all your doubts and confusions? A small 17-character code is your answer. The Vehicle Identification Number is sufficient to solve all your queries. 


The VIN number comprises a lot of information about a vehicle. You can easily decode the VIN and collect all the data. You just need to get a site to buy a VIN decoder

You will find many websites providing VIN check services, but not all are worth trusting. Mercedes VIN decoder is the best website among all. You can easily check details about a car through its tools. 

3 Ways To Get A Free VIN Check 

Purchasing a used car is a very troublesome process. You need to check a lot of things and ensure a fair deal is closed. For this, you need to do a VIN check for several cars at a time. Paying a huge amount for paying these services will add another burden to you.

Why not get a free VIN check. There are three ways you can check the VIN number for free.

VIN Check

VIN Check is a very useful tool for anyone who is looking to buy a second-hand car. You need to check all the minute details about the car you are thinking to purchase. 


You will get the following details through this VIN check search report:

  • Previous accidents of the car
  • Facts if there is any theft or burglary case filed for the car
  • The actual market value of the car 
  • Information about the car’s warranty coverage
  • Details about the past owners of the car
  • Actual distance covered
  • The confirmation of the original specifications of the vehicle.
  • Manufacturing defects, if there were any.
  • Registration history
  • History of the car sales
  • Details about all the damages incurred ever
  • The correct odometer readings
  • Lien or repossession of the car
  • History of the usage of the vehicle
  • Inspection and registration history

VIN Decoder

Mercedes VIN decoder is a tool that helps car buyers get details of a car with the help of a VIN number. Once you enter the VIN and obtain the decoding process underway, you’ll get every statistic and fact associated with that model.

As the data in VIN is constantly updated, this VIN decoder provides accurate information about the car you are looking for. 

With the Vinpit VIN Decoder, you will get access to the complete history of the car. You will get the following details:

  • Theft history of the car
  • History of all the accidents ever happened with the car
  • Historical photos of the vehicle
  • Year of production
  • Safety information related to the vehicle
  • Location of vehicle registration
  • Unreported Vehicle Damage
  • Other Vital information

Vehicle History Report

Another tool that helps in getting a detailed report of a vehicle is  Vehicle history report. With the help of this tool, you can easily search a VIN number and get a full-fledged report of the car’s history. 



The Vehicle History report will provide you with the following details:

  • Specifications of the vehicle
  • Records of the vehicle title 
  • The fuel efficiency of the car
  • Theft and burglary records 
  • Safety ratings 
  • The current market value of the car
  • Accident and salvage records of the car
  • Other useful information 

All three ways are useful and effective to get a detailed description of the car. 

Why Get A VIN Check?

You are going to purchase a used car. You would never want to purchase a defected or damaged vehicle. Physical examination of the vehicle is not enough. Sometimes you might not be able to detect the issue beforehand. 

It is important to know each and every detail about the vehicle before buying it. As the car is already used, there are chances of the car being damaged. It might have met with an accident or two. That could have happened due to either any car part damage or engine failure. This is a huge loss to the car. 

No car owner will ever tell you about such accidents or issues until and unless it is so obviously visible. The owner might be telling lies or giving false information to you. You must be aware of that. 

You should definitely try to get the most information from the owner. But it is suggested not to rely fully on what the owner says. He is there to sell his car and will never want to lower its price. 

For getting the correct information, you need to locate the VIN of that used car. You can find it at different locations in the car, like on the windshield on the driver’s side, front end frame of the car, front end engine block, etc. 

You can even ask the owner for the registration documents or vehicle title. You will find the VIN on these documents as well. 

VIN number has stored a lot of information in itself in the form of codes. Although you can read it yourself, using a VIN decoder will be a much better option. Moreover, it will provide a more detailed analysis of the vehicle. 

Mercedes VIN decoding tool provides a wide range of information like registration details, manufacturing details, ownership records, theft or burglary report, the market value of the car, etc. This information will help you make a fair judgement about which car to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay for it. 

End Notes

VinPit’s tools are very useful and will provide a handful of information that would prove to be a fair judgement for purchasing any used car. There are three different ways in which you can get a free VIN check, that is, VIN check, VIN decoder and Vehicle history report. 

You can use any of these ways to get your desired information and use them wisely to close the best purchase deal. 

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