5 Best Online Video Chat Websites to Make New Friends in 2021

The year 2021 has been vital for many reasons. One of the major reasons has been the evolution of online chatting sites. Socialization has not just changed, but has transformed over time. It is so because of a number of reasons, but online video chatting sites win.

You can random cam chat with strangers all day long, from anywhere in the world. Such is the prowess of online cam chatting platforms. The apprehensions that users faced when they engaged in online cam chatting has now been substituted by confidence.

5 Best Online Video Chat Websites

There are a lot of video chatting websites. Now, how does a new person identify which website is worth the effort? The below mentioned list of video chat websites will make you witness the best online video chat websites available:

  1. Emerald Chat

Speaking of online video chatting sites, Emerald Chat has actually revolutionized and transformed the chatting culture. It does not pose any unnecessary requirements in the form of registration or any other hassles. You can chat your time away with Emerald Chat in a very interesting manner.

If you use ChatSites, you would be aware of how liberating it indeed is to chat with strangers. It becomes further more interesting with Emerald Chat as it has additional bells and whistles attached to the chatting.

Below are some reasons that make Emerald Chat a perfect escape from the monotonous reality:

Cool Avatar and Username

Emerald Chat makes chatting more interesting and efficient with its cool virtual Avatar. As a user of the site, you will have an Avatar and username for yourself. These will become your identity and you will be able to chat with people using that identity.

So, it actually becomes like some fun role playing game for users. You can live in multiple identities that you never had. Further, you are also able to hide your real identity in the process. 

Registration-less Chat

There is no requirement of providing any of your private and personal details to have things started on Emerald Chat. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to share your email ID to register. 

This ensures that the chats can be truly anonymous. As you don’t even provide any of these personal and private details in the first place, there is no risk of leakage. Therefore, your identity is hidden and secured, under the mask of the avatar. 

Karma Point Award System

Remember how it is always easier to buy something when it has reviews and ratings? Emerald Chat makes the rating system possible for even humans. Yes! This is why people are on their best behaviour on Emerald Chat as everyone likes a good rating.

So, you will be able to know how the experience is with the next person you are chatting with. You can decide whether to chat with someone or not based on their rating. This helps you assess the person on the other side better. This also saves you a lot of time.

Free Platform

While Emerald Chat is super engaging, it is also free. The platform is used for free by users from all around the world. You can chat with people from around the world without hassles through the interface of Emerald Chat. 

However, the platform also has a Gold plan subscription but that is optional. You can upgrade if you want more elite services. Other than that, by definition itself, Emerald Chat is quite captivating.  

Like-Minded Strangers

You can meet like-minded strangers on Emerald Chat. It is a platform where people try to meet new people. So, you will be meeting friendly people or people looking forward to making new friends online.

 2. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a very popular online chatting platform. It functions in the same lines as Emerald Chat. It has a standing and reputation for a long time. The constant improvisations in its structure has attracted more people to this platform. 

 Chatrandom has multiple users and you can select whom you want to chat with. You can chat with people based on their sex, age, location and other prominent filters that you want to use. It is an incredible platform for new companionship. 

    3. Chatki

Chatki is a renowned online chatting platform. The video interface of Chatki is very clear. You will not encounter any pixelated interface. The picture clarity will be immaculate. Chatki also ensures that you can connect with people beyond your boundaries.

If you want to excel at the functions of this platform, you need to read through its terms and conditions. This site is always flooded with people from all over the world and you will always find good company here.

  4. Tinychat

Imagine seeing many people at once in one screen itself. Tinychat is that efficient platform that gives you the impetus to view and interact with multiple people at once. You will be able to see many people at once, without any screen being frozen.

Tinychat is known for its seamless interface, despite the multiplicity of video feeds. Without any hassles, you can chat with a lot of people at once. So, it is definitely for people who have the ability to engage with many people at once.

  5. Chatspin

Chatspin is another popular alternative for a video chat platform. It is extremely easy to use and has a very friendly interface. Even new users can be at ease with this site as it is very convenient to use and function with.

Even if you have limited experiences with these kinds of sites, you will be completely at ease with Chatspin. The platform allows you to skip and continue chatting with people, as per your willingness.


When you use ChatSites, you expand your social circle. With the chat sites mentioned here, random cam chat becomes so interesting and perfect. Emerald Chat is one specific platform that makes chatting much more engaging as compared to any and every other platform.

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