Being a DIK Walkthrough & Ending Guide

Welcome to Being a DIK Walkthrough and Endings, where we will give you all the tips, decisions and mysteries to arrive at the most elevated levels in all of your connections available. Play as our youthful male student going to B&R School while unlocking every mystery in each scene along his journey through school life.

This is an interactive game about highschool that focuses on humor (including sex), sentimentality, creativity with moments sprinkled throughout this rich story for young adults aged 18+. Be prepared… be ready… being a Dik is not easy so please take it one step at time by reading these helpful hints before embarking on The Journey from Beginning To End.

Being a DIK is not easy. You have to fight your way through the first and second games, which are both really tough!

Being in Game Development Intelligence Kids will be hard for you if you’re just starting out with it. The game has three levels: Level 1 – Basic (Easy), Level 2 – Intermediate(Medium) ,Level 3- Advanced (Hard). I’m going to teach how to get past each level so that by the time we finish, even those who can’t seem to beat any of these stages should feel confident enough about their skills as an industry insider like me!

The interface provides a speedy route framework that allows you to leap to areas of the Guide just as leaping through time in your progressing game.

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Intro

The game is about decisions, so what you answer will have consecuences. However, there are:

Relationship points

You can procure relationship focuses with all the characters, and we will check every relationship Being a DIK Walkthrough point you can acquire as (+1 Relationship point Character Name)


Your decisions will make you a chick or a dik, and you need sufficient chick or dik focuses for certain scenes and relationship focuses. We will underline the dik point and written on italic the chick focuses

Special Renders

We will check them during the playthrough

Vault Codes

You will discover them during the walkthrough, however here is the finished rundown > Vault Codes

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Episode 1 or 0.1

  • Get distraught/Shrug ot off
  • Think an awful idea/Ignore it
  • Frightful joke (Relationship Points Josy +1)/Corny joke
  • Draw dicks (+2) (Relationship Points Josy +1)/Draw an entertaining face (Relationship Points Josy +1)/Don’t draw (- 2, yet +2 cash later)
  • I truly like it (Relationship Points Josy +1)
  • Look at her butt/Check out her boobs/Leave
  • Get irritated/Humor him
  • Acknowledge cash/Ask for more cash/Reject Money
  • Push him for more/Accept less (in the event that you painted a face)
  • Indeed, heartbroken/I can remain on the off chance that you need
  • Alright/It’s a date (Relationship Points Josy +1) (in the event that you draw something)
  • Trigger him/What do you mean
  • Answer/Ignore him

1st free roam

  • Converse with father
  • first render: Click on magazine (table)
  • Snap on the telephone > visit application > Josy > consistently second decision
  • Go to washroom
  • second render: Magazine (plant)
  • Snap on shower
  • Snap on the Guitar (MC Room)
  • third render: Magazine (table)
  • Telephone > Brawler game > pick rival > renders as remuneration
  • Get dressed

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

  • I like it (Relationship Points Josy +1)/It’s superior to wearing nothing (Relationship Points Josy +1) (requires dtype under 1)/Let’s go
  • Play with her (Relationship Points Josy +1 (requires dtype under 1), Relationship Points Josy – 1 in any case)/Don’t hope for the best
  • Look at her (not if 0 dtype)/Don’t push oyur karma
  • I feel energized/I’m anxious
  • Express gratitude toward her/Just leave
  • Be sure/Be agreeable
  • Be impolite/Be cordial
  • Sure
  • Check her undies (Relationship Points Maya – 1)/Chek her out (Relationship Points Maya +1)/Don’t gamble

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

  • Get some information about sweetheart/Leave it single-handedly
  • Mock him (Relationship Points Jocks – 1)/Calm him down
  • Mock him (Relationship Points Jocks – 1)/Calm him down
  • Praise her (Relationship Points Jill +1 if dtype beneath 0r Relationship Points Jill – 1)/Introduce yourself

Purchase “Take notes for the geeks”, you will Being a DIK Walkthrough bring in cash each exercise you follow

  • Make a wisecrack (Relationship Points Isabella – 1 if dtype mutiple)/Ask about library card
  • Say hello (Think an awful idea/Ignore him)/Ignore him

2nd free roam – Dream Ending

  • call Josy
  • For what reason are you calling and I miss you (Relationship Points Josy +1)/Just checking in or I was going to call you I miss you (Relationship Points Josy +1)/Just checking in
  • What might be said about your beau? /What about me?
  • Telephone > Brawler game > pick adversary > renders as remuneration
  • hall
  • fellow at the candy machine Buy him a pop/Leave
  • washroom > slow down
  • Uncommon render: magazine (floor)
  • Snap on the gloryhole
  • Converse with Derek High Five (Relationship Points Derek +1)/Low Five
  • Joke around (Relationship Points Derek +1)/Ignore him (don’t accepting > dev reassure)
  • Return to your room and study Math
  • fifth render: table (light)
  • Day’s end


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