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borderlands 3 fl4k heads

Borderlands 3 Fl4k Heads – Where to Find List [Completed]

by Brent morgan

In borderlands 3 fl4k heads there are various approaches to redo your vault tracker. These alternatives incorporate changing things like the character’s skins to changing the vibe of their head. Underneath you will locate our all Fl4k heads list.

Credits go out for @apocalyptech @GrzesPL and @sadexotic for discovering the majority of the drop places. Much obliged to you all.

There are likewise exhibitions and an accounting page made by @apocalyptech. You’ll discover the connections for them after the rundown.

Another skin and new heads for every one of the playable characters in Borderlands 3 have seemed on the web and will be added to the raider shooter soon.

Albeit most Borderlands 3 players are centered around the dynamic Bloody Harvest occasion and cultivating new stuff because of the Mayhem rewards on Anointed gear, there is a more modest prize not too far off. Another skin and new heads for every one of the game’s four playable characters have been uncovered, in spite of the fact that they are not in the game yet.

You can get these heads for Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads by contending (side) missions or they can haphazardly drop from any plunder source. You can likewise get Heads and Skins from the slotmachine in Moxxi’s bar on board Sanctuary 3.

How to get FL4K heads in Borderlands 3?

As in the past, with the VIP strategy you can just get one borderlands 3 fl4k anubis head, or if nothing else for the time being and this is very simple to get.

borderlands 3 fl4k heads

In the event that playing is your thing, at that point this will be simple, on the grounds that the following heads you open playing the game, which implies that you should finish missions to get a few and execute a few supervisors to get others.

  • Yok4i
  • 4ction Figure.
  • Nog Mask
  • Dre4dful Visage.
  • Winged animal restraint
  • Der4nged Ranger.
  • Simul4crum.
  • Anim4tronic
  • Spear Helmet.
  • Der4nged Ranger.
  • Outlaw
  • Marcus Bobble
  • He4d in the Cloud.

Some specifically, for instance, Yok4i is accomplished by playing on gaming machines.

You can accomplish Dre4dful Visage by murdering adversaries or in a few plunder brings forth close to The Droughts.

Also, for Simul4crum you should slaughter the boss Chupacabratch in Athenas.

The remainder of the above named yes finishing missions.

Fl4k Mission/World Drop Heads

The Heads recorded underneath can be obtained by finishing explicit missions or through world drops. World drops can emerge out of any source including supervisor drops, chests, and the Cash Trap club machine in Sanctuary.

The skin itself has a metallic sheen with some blue gleams going through it. It’s positively not the most itemized Borderlands 3 skin, or the flashiest, however it has a decent shading plan that a lot of players will probably float as well.

As referenced, this skin and these heads are as of now in Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads and accessible to individuals from the Gearbox Software stream group (and a couple of others). They will in the long run be accessible to everybody except no official declaration has been made.

borderlands 3 fl4k heads

It’s likewise muddled if these skins are important for some prize for supporting Borderlands 3 during its first months or on the off chance that it is essential for the revolution of new makeup in the game. At the end of the day, players don’t yet have a clue whether the new Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads and skin will be an absolutely unconditional present or on the off chance that they will cost in-game Eridium.

FL4K Vip & None-Vip Heads

Starting today, there is just one head that can be purchased by using the VIP program. It’s called CAUMOFL4GE and to get it, you need to sprinkle out 4000 focuses.

Aside from the one above, there are a couple that you can acquire while finishing missions in the game. That is the reason you need to attempt to complete whatever number journeys as could be expected under the circumstances to have a greater possibility of getting the heads. Remember it that you can likewise get intermittent arbitrary drops from beasts also.

Three out of those referenced above can be gotten simpler.

  • The Dre4dful Visage can haphazardly drop from foes and furthermore will in general show up in the plunder produces around The Droughts.
  • Simul4crum drops when you slaughter the Chupacabratch on Athenas.
  • Yok4i can be procured when you play spaces.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads Guide: Complete List of FL4K Heads

Here’s our present rundown of borderlands 3 fl4k heads as accessible in the game. When in doubt, as most beauty care products, these heads can be found through a blend of missions in-game, executing beasts, or playing Moxxi’s gambling machines on the off chance that you believe you’re unfathomably fortunate. Some have a particular side journey or target that must be finished to acquire them, or a money, and where we’re in control of that information, we’ve noted it close to the FL4K Head’s name in our rundown.

borderlands 3 fl4k heads

  • Flying creature COLLAR
  • Menace FOR YOU – Buy from Crazy Earl for 80 Eridium
  • CAMOUFL4GE – Earn from the VIP program in the event that you have 4000 focuses
  • CR4CKED – Buy from Crazy Earl for 140 Eridium
  • DE4THLESS – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • Outlaw
  • DRE4DFUL VISAGE – Put a few slugs in foes hiding around The Droughts and make a point to fanatically open any plunder chests or latrines
  • IMMORT4L – Buy from Crazy Earl for 240 Eridium
  • INH4LER – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • Spear HELMET
  • M4NTA RAY – Buy from Crazy Earl for 180 Eridium
  • Horse UP – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • SH4MAN – Buy from Crazy Earl for 180 Eridium
  • SIMUL4CRUM – Kill the Chupacabratch that sneaks on Athenas
  • SKULL PLATE – Buy from Crazy Earl for 140 Eridium
  • Intense SCRUFF – Buy from Crazy Earl for 80 Eridium
  • YOK4I

Since you have our total rundown of Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads, you can transform yourself into the most popular milliner on Pandora. All things considered, specifically. For one customer. Be that as it may, you get its substance. We’re as yet on the chase for other restorative things for different characters so seek out our aides center point for the most recent in Borderlands 3 goodness.


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