Where to Find List Borderlands 3 Fl4k Heads – [Completed]

Borderlands 3 has been announced and Borderlands fans are ecstatic! Borderlands 3 Fl4k Heads is the newest line of collectibles from Borderlands, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Collect them all to get ready for battle against Handsome Jack’s latest schemes in Borderlands 3!

In Borderlands 3 there are various ways of customizing your vault tracker. These choices include changing things like the person’s skins to changing the appearance of their head. Underneath you will find our all Fl4k heads list.

This is our first major release since announcing Borderlands: Scooter Heads, and Borderlands: Scooter Heads will be returning to the Borderlands Gearbox Official Store for $24.99 USD each with a purchase of Borderlands on Steam or from the Borderlands Gearbox Official Store!

All Borderlands Flak Head weapons are usable in Borderlands games (PC/PSN/XBLA), as well as The Presequel Borderlands, Borderlands: Toy Soldiers and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads are included in this article because they allow gamers to personalize their vault hunter’s appearance. There are many ways to alter your player’s appearance, but here we’ll simply focus on the fl4k heads.

Borderlands Flak Heads will be available in a variety of colors including Bronze (with gold weapons), Silver (with silver weapons) and Gold!

Borderlands 3 players are gearing up for the Bloody Harvest event by farming Anointed gear and exploring new skins. The game’s developers have also revealed a few more items that will not be available until after this season is over, including new heads and skin for each character in Borderlands 3.

The Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads are collectible items that you can get by completing side missions or they could be have a chance to randomly drop from any plunder source. You also have the option of using Moxxi’s slot machine in her bar on board Sanctuary III, but we don’t recommend it because she will take away most our hard-earned money!

How to get FL4K heads in Borderlands 3?

How to get FL4K heads in Borderlands 3? The VIP strategy is a great way to start, since you can only buy one head at the moment. Plus it’s pretty simple and straightforward!

If you’re a player type, this should be easy – just finish missions to get some and beat up supervisors for others.

  • Yok4i
  • 4ction Figure.
  • Nog Mask
  • Dre4dful Visage.
  • Winged animal restraint
  • Der4nged Ranger.
  • Simul4crum.
  • Anim4tronic
  • Spear Helmet.
  • Der4nged Ranger.
  • Outlaw
  • Marcus Bobble
  • He4d in the Cloud.

Yok4i is accomplished by playing on gaming machines. For instance, in the first level of Yokai Watch 2: Psychic Specters you’ll need to play arcade games at a certain location and achieve an overall high score within a particular time limit.

Dreadful Visage is an achievement that can be found by murdering your adversaries or through the various prizes scattered around The Droughts.

For Simul4crum, you need to kill the boss Chupacabratch in Athenas.

The remainder of the above named yes finishing missions.

Fl4k Mission/World Drop Heads

Through missions and world drops, there are Heads to be obtained. From the cash trap club machine in Sanctuary or by finishing explicit missions, you can find heads that were previously unavailable for a while during their release.

This skin is a metallic masterpiece-shimmering in the light, it’s positively not the most itemized Borderlands 3 skin. With its blue gleams that are going through it, this specific skin has been designed to match Pandora’s sky color and atmosphere well. It might be simple but with such an attractive shading plan players will love how they can see themselves within their screen as if looking through portals into another world!

Borderlands 3 will be adding a whole new set of heads and skins for any Gearbox Software stream group members. This is because they want to show their appreciation to the people who watch them play games online. However, if you’re not in that privileged list then don’t sweat it; these are just temporary exclusives but there have been no official announcements yet about when everyone else can get access!


Borderlands 3 is releasing soon and players are wondering if they’ll need to spend time leveling up or buy the new FL4K heads. It’s unclear whether these skins will be an unconditional present for backing Borderlands during its first months, but there could also be a chance that it costs in-game Eridium as well.

FL4K Vip & None-Vip Heads

Starting today, the CAUMOFL4GE head is available for purchase with 4000 VIP points.

The most important heads in the game are not accessible to everybody. You can find them when you complete missions, but it may take a lot of time and effort before one appears for you! There is some good news if that sounds like too much work: Some will randomly drop from enemies during combat.

The main three head styles which cannot be obtained by any other means than finishing quests are ones with horns (such as Mr Tasty), those with tusks or teeth (like King Julien) and those who have no eyes at all – such as Nosferatu’s Head

Three out of those referenced above can be gotten simpler.

  • The Dre4dful Visage can haphazardly drop from foes and furthermore will in general show up in the plunder produces around The Droughts.
  • Simul4crum drops when you slaughter the Chupacabratch on Athenas.
  • Yok4i can be procured when you play spaces.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads Guide: Complete List of FL4K Heads

Here’s a rundown of the different heads you can get in borderlands 3. You’ll be able to find these by completing missions, hunting beasts or playing Moxxi’s gambling machines if your lucky enough! Some have side quests that must be completed before unlocking them and we’ve noted those close to their name below.

  • Flying creature COLLAR
  • Menace FOR YOU – Buy from Crazy Earl for 80 Eridium
  • CAMOUFL4GE – Earn from the VIP program in the event that you have 4000 focuses
  • CR4CKED – Buy from Crazy Earl for 140 Eridium
  • DE4THLESS – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • Outlaw
  • DRE4DFUL VISAGE – Put a few slugs in foes hiding around The Droughts and make a point to fanatically open any plunder chests or latrines
  • IMMORT4L – Buy from Crazy Earl for 240 Eridium
  • INH4LER – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • Spear HELMET
  • M4NTA RAY – Buy from Crazy Earl for 180 Eridium
  • Horse UP – Buy from Crazy Earl for 100 Eridium
  • SH4MAN – Buy from Crazy Earl for 180 Eridium
  • SIMUL4CRUM – Kill the Chupacabratch that sneaks on Athenas
  • SKULL PLATE – Buy from Crazy Earl for 140 Eridium
  • Intense SCRUFF – Buy from Crazy Earl for 80 Eridium
  • YOK4I

Have you always wanted to play as the most popular milliner on Pandora? Well, now’s your chance! With Borderlands 3 FL4K Heads, all things considered. But make sure that this is for a single customer and not more than one so we can still deliver its substance with the rest of our items during development. We’re currently in search of other helpful vendors for different characters but please keep checking out our aides center point at “Borderlands3goodness” if you want updates on what’s new about Borderland 3.

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How many heads is FL4K?

Fl4k currently has 24 available heads. In addition to completing story tasks, players may also earn these heads by purchasing them through the VIP programme, farming, or by playing the Sanctuary slot machine Cash Trap. We’ve found 23 of the 24 heads so far.

How do you get all the heads in Borderlands 3?

1.The odds of finding them in treasure boxes are quite low.
2.On Sanctuary, use Moxxi’s Slots to roll the dice.
3.Purchase from Crazy Earl on Sanctuary with Eridium Shards.
4.When new ones are released, buy them from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

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