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Change Fitbit Versa Band

How to Change Fitbit Versa Band

by Herman Jacques

The Change Fitbit Versa Band arrangement has immediately settled itself as one of the better smartwatch contributions available, and like any great smartwatch, you can eliminate the watch band that accompanies it and supplant it with another. The Versa, Versa Lite, and Versa 2 all utilization a similar exclusive watch groups, and trading them out requires a touch of work and tolerance. Need some assistance? Here’s a bit by bit manage on precisely what to do.

Need or need to supplant your Change Fitbit Versa Band wristband (Versa, Versa 2, Versa 3, or Versa Lite) yet can’t sort out how precisely to eliminate the current band?

While Fitbit has consistently been very acceptable about making life simpler for the individuals who need to tweak their smartwatches, changing out your groups isn’t one of those “simple” things.

In spite of the fact that how to put metal band on fitbit versa acquainted a refreshed framework with rapidly change out the groups, numerous proprietors actually experience issues. On the off chance that that is you, perused on for best practices and tips to change your Fitbit Versa’s band.

How to change the Fitbit Versa Band


 fitbit versa band

Through experimentation, we discovered that the most ideal approach to change a Fitbit band is to put the Versa (or any Fitbit tracker or smartwatch) face down on a level surface.

In the event that you regularly use understanding glasses, we propose you keep those on when evolving groups glasses certainly help see the band pins!

Change Fitbit Versa Band arrangement has two separable groups an upper (top) and a lower (base) band. The two groups highlight a little pin that permits you to isolate and reattach groups.

In case you’re exchanging between the little and huge groups for a similar band style, you just need to supplant the base band.

How to Remove a Wristband from your Fitbit Versa

Prior to having the option to slap on another band, you’ll need to eliminate the bygone one. To do this, turn your Versa over with the goal that the charging pins and pulse screens are looking up.

  1. Turn your Fitbit over and place on a level, clean surface
  2. On the base band, find the pin for the speedy delivery switch
  3. Press this pin internal and slide the band tenderly to the contrary side to deliver it from the watch.
  4. When the switch has been pushed in, this implies that the band is delivered from the Versa’s grasps. Pull the opposite side of the pinout from the body of the Versa.
  5. Rehash on the opposite side, if changing the whole band

 fitbit versa

The catch in eliminating Fitbit wristbands is that you need to point the band a piece so the opposite finish of the pin slides out. It very well might be disappointing from the outset, yet should be possible by taking a gander at the direction.

How Change Fitbit Versa, Special Edition & Lite Edition

Here’s the way to change the band on a Change Fitbit Versa Band arrangement action tracker, which incorporates the Versa, Versa 1/2, Versa Lite, and Versa SE.

  • Take a gander at within your Fitbit Versa band and find the two fast delivery pins associated with one or the other side of the Fitbit watch case.
  • Holding the Fitbit watch case in one hand, press the delivery pin (appeared in blue) with the tip of your finger and pull the band away from the watch case. It should deliver without any problem. Rehash this cycle for the opposite side of the band.

 fitbit versa

  • At the point when you’re prepared to connect the new wristband, check the situation of the watch case to your wrist and ensure you’re joining the band with the right direction.
  • Hold the watch case so within is confronting you. Presently, hold the band at a correct point and spot the band’s pin (as an afterthought inverse the speedy delivery switch) into the base score on the watch case.
  • Press down on the brisk delivery pin to embed the Change Fitbit Versa Band totally and connect it to the highest point of the watch case cut until it fits properly. Rehash this cycle for the opposite side of the band.



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