Code Vein Gift Guide and Valuables Exchange Guide

If you’re looking for the best gifts to give Code Vein fans, then this is the article for you! We’ve compiled a list of items that any fan would find exciting. If they’re into collecting figures or playing video games, we have some ideas there. For those who are more into anime and manga, we have some gift ideas as well. Check it out to find something perfect for your loved one who just can’t stop talking about Code Vein!

The best gifts for Code Vein fans include figures, video games, and manga. We have some ideas listed below!

Figures: These are perfect if your loved one is into collecting figurines or trading cards. They can find a figure of their favorite character in the game to add to their collection! Figurine collectors can find a character from Code Vein here, or they can just browse the figurines section on our site and click “Code Vein” to see all of the characters.

What is Code Vein?

Code Vein is an action role-playing game that transports players to a post apocalyptic world where they must fight against the current ruling order of vampires and other assorted monsters. The player has no choice but to use their enemies’ dark powers, such as “claws” or “fangs,” for survival purposes. This risky gameplay forces gamers to make tough moral choices in light of what most would consider unthinkable decisions: death by hunger, self-mutilation, cannibalism?

Code Vein was released September 27th on PlayStation 4s all over the world; Xbox Ones followed suit shortly after this release date with Microsoft Windows following soon after them both via Steam – making it available across platforms! Code Vein sold more than one million copies worldwide

Code Vein Valuables Farming

On the off chance that you’re thinking about what gift to give each character, take a gander at our Code Vein Gift Guide table underneath for an all-around rundown of every one of the Valuables we’ve found. The assets exchange is how you increment trading centers in Code Vein and it can look convoluted when first starting out but once you know who should get which gifts then everything will be clear as day. All tradeable items require some type of crafting material or weapon part so if any player has something they don’t need just go ahead and ask them!

The Code Vein Gift Guide table is like a treasure map. It breaks down the value of each gift and tells you who to give them to for maximum effect! Though it may seem confusing at first, remember that all gifts should be traded in order according to their highest potential core values – or else they’ll lose their “special touch.”

The asset exchange Code Vein is the manner in which you increment trading centers. It can give off an impression of being tangled, anyway once you understand who to give certain gifts it’s all beautiful direct.
It starts with “Valuable” and what type they are for each character; this way there will be no worries about not knowing what gift would best suit your friend!

It’s not certain how many centers you’ll get from each trade, but the results will vary depending on what gift is exchanged and who it goes to. The best trades are ones that give 5 cores in exchange for a different blessing!

The number of blessings you can receive through these exchanges depends on two things: 1) which character receives your endowment(there’s an aggregate 9 characters), 2) and whether or not they have something valuable enough to offer in return. A few trades may be unfulfilling while others grant 0 points (basically futile). Some good deals though might come with five core interests granted as compensation!

There’s so many ways to make use of endowments and trade them around in the game! But some are better than others. You could exchange an ability for a weapon, or one that grants you something else like cover(usually more practical). The best deals will get you 5 centers per gift-exchange but it really depends on what kind of character is getting the blessing as well – those with higher stats might be able to go for 0 points while lower ones can only score 1 point at most.

Code Vein Gift Guide: List Of Best Favorite NPCs

If you give the perfect Valuables gifts to your favourite NPCs then it will surely boost trading points with other characters. In Code Vein we have a guide for all of the unique types of things that could be given as gifts.

It’s never too late to give your favourite NPCs the perfect gifts. If you know which Valuables gift each NPC likes then it will boost trading points with other characters, and we have a Code Vein Valuable Gift guide that can help!

Code Vein has a helpful NPC assistant that will always be there to help you out. In order to make the game much easier, we recommend supporting your helpers with skills and buffs – especially if they’re going up against strong bosses or enemies who attack them with elemental attacks! If you want to win even more in Code Vein, it’s important not just keep yourself alive but also protect your helper so he can continue fighting as well.

Your NPC helper can not only help you out, but they are also very good at protecting themselves. If you’re looking for a way to make the game easier and more manageable, have your assistant take advantage of their skills that protect them against elemental attacks or give buffs like agility. It’s important to keep this person alive in order too stay safe as well!

Code Vein Valuables Gift Giving Guide

This Valuables Gift Giving Guide tells you about all of the unique gifts we’ve found and which NPCs appreciate each type of gift, allowing you to maximize the bonuses offered for each gift. Some valuables offer as little as 0 points when exchanged, but can offer up to a whopping 500 Trade Points. Speaking with any character at Home Base has the option Exchange: an action that lets you give them items in exchange for trade points! These trade points can be used on various weapons and other items from different vendors throughout Code Vein’s world – some characters are more generous than others so it pays off to do your research before giving away anything too valuable or rare!

List of Valuables by character

  • Yakumo
    • 5 points – Aged Brandy, Boutique Sake, Bugarally Doll
    • 3 points – 35mm Reel, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Board Game, Custom Gun Parts, Faded Comics, Pungent Cheese, Retro Game, Sushi Tacos
    • 2 points – Aromatic Herbs, Classic Camera, Expensive Cigars, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Powerful Spices, Protein Powder, Spotless Instrument, Tomato Oden Sandwich
  • Louis
    • 5 points – Faded Comics, Tomato Oden Sandwich, Yellowed Book
    • 3 points – Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Bugarally Doll, Fragrant Tea, Spotless Instrument
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Aged Brandy, Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Board Game, Boutique Sake, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Custom Gun Parts, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Protein Powder, Pungent Cheese, Retro Game, Sushi Tacos
  • Mia
    • 5 points – Aromatic Herbs, Fragrant Tea
    • 3 points – Aged Brandy, Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Bugarally Doll, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Powerful Spices, Sushi Tacos, Tomato Oden Sandwich
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Antique LP Record, Board Game, Faded Comics, Flower Seeds, Retro Game, Stuffed Toy, Undamaged Paint Set
  • Coco
    • 5 points – Aromatic Herbs, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Powerful Spices, Sushi Tacos, Tomato Oden Sandwich
    • 3 points – Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Board Game, Bugarally Doll, Custom Gun Parts, Expensive Cigars, Flower Seeds, Fragrant Tea, Retro Game, Stuffed Toy, Well-worn Tool
  • Murasame
    • 5 points – Board Game, Bugarally Doll, Retro Game
    • 3 points – Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Custom Gun Parts, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Stuffed Toy, Sushi Tacos, Well-worn Tool
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Aromatic Herbs, Bottled Jam, Flower Seeds, Fragrant Tea, Spotless Instrument, Undamaged Paint Set, Yellowed Book
  • Davis
    • 5 points – Antique LP Record, Bugarally Doll, Chocolate Garlic Plakes, Classic Camera
    • 3 points – Blood Bead Candy, Boutique Sake, Expensive Cigars, Protein Powder, Pungent Cheese, Tomato Oden Sandwich, Well-worn Tool, Yellowed Book
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Antique Coin, Custom Gun Parts, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Flower Seeds, Fragrant Tea, Organic Soup, Powerful Spices, Sushi Tacos
  • Io
    • 5 points – Curious Novelty, Local Pennant, Tomato Oden Sandwich
    • 3 points – 35mm Reel, Blood Bead Candy, Bugarally Doll, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Fragrant Tea, Organic Soap, Sushi Tacos, Yellowed Book
    • 2 points – Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Aromatic Herbs, Board Game, Bottled Jam, Classic Camera, Flower Seeds, Retro Game, Spotless Instrument, Undamaged Paint Set
  • Eva
    • 5 points – Flower Seeds, Tomato Oden Sandwich
    • 3 points – Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Bugarally Doll, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Spotless Instrument, Undamaged Pain Set
    • 2 points – 35mm Reel, Aromatic Herbs, Bottled Jam, Classic Camera, Custom Gun Parts, Fragrant Tea, Powerful Spices, Pungent Cheese, Stuffed Toy, Yellowed Book
  • Jack
    • 5 points – Aged Brandy, Antique Coin, Bugarally Doll, Sushi Tacos
    • 3 points – 35mm Reel, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Classic Camera, Expensive Cigars, Flower Seeds, Pungent Cheese, Yellowed Book
    • 2 points – Aromatic Herbs, Bottled Jam, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Custom Gun Parts, Fragrant Tea, Organic Soap, Powerful Spices, Protein Powder, Tomato Oden Sandwich

How to get Code Vein Valuables

As you keep playing, you’ll stumble upon a large number of these Valuables in addition to an item known as Old World Material. Simply exchange Old World Material with the merchant present next to the mistle you unlock after beating the first boss (Oliver) to get some of these Valuables. They are as follows:

  • Fragrant Tea
  • Nearby Pennant
  • Blossom Seeds
  • Antique LP Record
  • Custom Gun Parts
  • Protein Powder
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes
  • Blood Bead Candy

The remainder of the Valuables are found by investigating.

Code Vein Valuables exchange guide

  • 35mm Reel – Yakumo, Io, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Matured Brandy – Yakumo, Jack (5 Trading Points)
  • Old fashioned Coin – Jack (5 Trading Points)
  • Old fashioned LP – Davis (5 Trading Points)
  • Fragrant Herbs – Mia, Coco (5 Trading Points )
  • Blood Bead Candy – 3 Trading Points paying little mind to which NPC you offer it to
  • Table game – Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Packaged Jam – Coco, Louis, Mia (3 Trading Points)
  • Shop Sake – Yakumo (5 Trading Points)
  • Bugarally Doll – Jack, Davis, Yakumo, Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes – Davis, Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Exemplary Camera – Jack, Davis (5 Trading Points)
  • Inquisitive Novelty – Io (5 Trading Points)
  • Custom Gun Part – Yakumo, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Costly Cigars – Davis, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Blurred Comics – Louis (5 Trading Points)
  • Blossom Seeds – Eva (5 Trading Points)
  • Fragrant Tea – Mia (3 Trading Points)
  • Nearby Pennant – Io (5 Trading Points)
  • Natural Soap – Coco, Lo, Eva, Mia, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Amazing Spices – Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Protein Powder – Davis (3 Trading Points)
  • Sharp Cheese – Davis, Yakumo, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Retro Game – Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Flawless Instrument – Eva, Louis (3 Trading Points)
  • Stuffed Toy – Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Sushi Tacos – Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Tomato Sandwich – Louis, Coco, Lo, Eva (5 Trading Points)
  • Intact Paint Set – Eva (3 Trading Points)
  • All around Worn Tool – Davis, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Yellowed Book – Louis (5 Trading Points)

What to get with Code Vein Trading Points: Chrome and weapons

The Trading Points you have can be used to buy weapons and upgrade materials for the NPCs that join your team. Weapons are just like those of a character when they first meet, while Chromes allow them to get stronger in-game.

Weapons and upgrades are the most important things in your inventory. Once you’re out on a mission, you’ll use these weapons to kill enemies as well as upgrade them with Chromes found from defeated foes.

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