Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands List

A Crusader Kings 2 Console Command can change the course of a game. They are secrets, hidden away by Paradox Development Studio to help players with difficult tasks or just for fun. This Crusader Kings 2 console commands list will give you access to these secret tools and allow you to better enjoy Crusader Kings II on your favorite console system!


What is Crusader Kings?

Crusader Kings was released on January 14, 2012 by Swedish developer Paradox Interactive. The game puts the player in control of a medieval dynasty and allows them to play out a king or queen’s life from birth until death. What makes Crusader Kings so great is it’s gameplay. Crusader Kings II is gripping, challenging and complex yet not too difficult to understand for new players.

Crusader Kings 2 Commands

Crusader Kings 2 is a game in which players can script orders to change the objective of what they were originally chosen with extensions and conditions. Scripted impacts, which can be utilized to assemble orders into reusable full scale scripted order menu’s are not just used for single occasion objectives but also happenings too; an example would be player comfort order scripts that allow you to set your kingdom up so it caters more specifically towards how you want things done or feel most comfortable with them being handled.

The Order comfort in Crusader Kings 2 is a great way to make the ongoing experience more engaging (and furthermore fix bugs!). The reassure is basically an order box that “orders” are added into, which causes the game to do things. These things orders can cause Crusade King2s gameplay involve giving you cash and tech focuses, exchanging your character’s realm or completely destroying another one.

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  • Discovering Character IDs

List of Crusader Kings 2 commands

The following is a rundown of orders and any boundary with a depiction of what the order will do.

For “Character” scope, if there is no character given then it defaults to the player. Most orders acknowledge a second boundary of either religion or culture (exceptions are indicated with an id). If none exist, at that point expect one discretionary character border.

For “None” scope, it will just be a single method. For the “Worldwide” Scope, things can take place universally and marry_anyone permits ALL characters to wed anybody.

Character ascribes ordinarily range from 0-20. In any case, as the properties are put away in marked bytes, it goes from -128 to 127. Correspondingly, the most extreme base worth a character can accomplish is 127; though after stacking a savegame and decreasing its value to 100 if over that amount on occasion of saving your game .

<Character ID> can be found by utilizing the Charinfo work and floating over the Crusader Kings 2 individual’s name.

<Province ID> compares to the “ID” number found in the outline of Counties.

Supplant spaces in boundary names with underscore (_).

Crusader Kings 2 Common cheats

charinfo = Show nitty gritty character, territory, and other data in the Crusader Kings 2 destroy title command tooltip while mousing over the significant representation or symbol. Especially used to locate the significant IDs required for different cheats.

age <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character age.

disgrace (- )(#) = Add or take away players ignominy

add diplomacy <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character tact.

add_martial <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character military.

add_intrigue <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or take away character interest.

add_stewardship <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or deduct character stewardship.

add_learning <Character ID> (- )(#) = Add or take away character learning.

add_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Gives character any attribute.

☀add_trait immortal= adds interminability characteristic

remove_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Remove any attribute from the character.

money (- )(#) = Add/deduct player gold, gives 5000 default.

devotion (- )(#) = Add/take away player devotion, gives 5000 default.

notoriety (- )(#) = Add/take away player esteem, gives 5000 default.

populace (- )(#) = Adds populace (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

Labor (- )(#) = Adds labor (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

culture <Character ID> <Culture> = Change character culture (for instance, “culture italian”).

religion <Character ID> <Religion> = Change character religion (for instance, “religion catholic”).

epithet <Nickname> <Character ID> = Change character moniker (monikers on lower part of page).

add_friend <Character ID> = Befriends the player and explicit character (Two character ID’s can be contribution to get to know two explicit characters).

add_lover <Character ID> = the player and explicit character become darlings (Two character ID’s can be contribution to belover two explicit characters).

add_artifact <artifact ID><character ID> = Give ancient rarity to a character



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