Destiny 2 The Witch Queen expansion: release date

Predetermination 2: The Witch Queen, the sport‘s subsequent improvement, is not going to make its 2021 supply window, as indicated by one other Future 2 replace from colleague sport chief Joe Blackburn. The Witch Queen will somewhat dispatch in mid 2022, to maintain up Bungie’s ideas and for the energy of the group via the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perhaps Destiny 2’s most long awaited expansion of all time, The Witch Queen is finally approaching and we have you covered with all that there is to know. The release date, early leaks, and more – here’s the full overview.

“The earlier summer time, we laid out our need for the next time in Future 2 by reporting the complete curve, starting with Past Gentle, trailed by The Witch Queen and Lightfall,” stated Blackburn. “As we scaled creation on The Witch Queen a yr in the past, we settled on the troublesome but important alternative to maneuver its supply to mid 2022; we likewise acknowledged we anticipated so as to add an additional unannounced part after Lightfall to fully end our first journey of Future.”

This assertion from Blackburn is de facto stacked. Along with the truth that it removes The Witch Queen from 2021, it likewise declares a fourth extension previous Lightfall (possible presently scheduled for 2024), and suggests a second Future 2 journey in some unspecified time in the future after that.


The earlier summer time, we illustrated our need for the next interval in Future 2 by reporting the complete curve, starting with Past Gentle, trailed by the Witch Queen and Gentle fall. As we scaled creation on the Witch Queen a yr in the past, we settled on the troublesome but important alternative to maneuver its supply to mid 2021.

We have since a very long time in the past contemplated transferring Future‘s yearly supply to the early 50% of the yr basically for the wellbeing of the group, but the Witch Queen and never being connected to heritage assumptions permitted us to decide on this determination forward of schedule for 3 important causes:

  • The Witch Queen addresses a major improvement within the progressing story of Future 2. Previous Gentle assembled the institution and permitted us to weave the world-working of Future and Future 2 collectively, nevertheless The Witch Queen will mild the fireplace on an emphatically interconnected story throughout Gentle fall and previous, under no circumstances like something we have at any level endeavored beforehand, with characters, round segments, legends and scalawags that proceed over numerous future deliveries.
  • With Future presently devoted to being a endless advancing world, we have to guarantee we’re as but setting apart the trouble to replace the basic institution of Future 2 to assist all that we have to do afterward.


With Season 11, we introduced implantation covers, an emphasis on imbuement supposed to maintain Future‘s stuff sport straight from one supply to a different and to make a sound organic system for our optimistic substance. Whereas we even have confidence in these targets, it is cheap our execution was misguided.

Implantation covers assisted us with transferring the meta in Past Gentle and make a prizes setting that was cheap to regulate and display, nevertheless the framework has moreover brought on our awards to really feel like they’ve a termination date and have habitually brought on taking part in our heritage substance to really feel shallow. We want the prizes you have acquired in Past Gentle and its ensuing seasons to really feel like vital apparatuses you should use within the wonderful difficulties you may look in The Witch Queen. Alongside these traces, we’re rolling out an enchancment.

We have settled on the selection that any weapon or protecting that may presently be injected to max Energy can carry on arriving at max Energy endlessly. Starting in Season 14 we is not going to cowl the implantation on any weapons or defensive layer that haven’t beforehand arrived on the cap as of the start of Season 13. This suggests you may have the choice to take your Trustee, your Falling Guillotine, and all of the high-detail defensive layer you have acquired for the present yr to tackle the assault in The Witch Queen.


Since we have mentioned rewards, we should always talk about Energy. A yr in the past we started a worldview the place we raised the final Energy cap by 50 every season. Whereas this assured that combination covers moved the meta, it moreover brought on every season to really feel like a crucial reset to the Energy you had collected.

To battle this, we are going to attempt various things with one other Energy stage cap. Starting in Season 14, we may be elevating the Energy cap by 10 for every non-development season. This suggests within the occasion that you simply arrive on the most excessive Energy in Season 13, when subsequent season strikes round you may be straightforwardly within the 10-point Pinnacle band of the Energy pursuit. This Energy increment ought to really feel pure to any particular person who performed Season of Daybreak a yr in the past, and we’re desirous to understand how this motion feels shut by our new frameworks.

We settle for this variation will make it significantly less complicated to get and admire Future every season, whereas as but allowing us to have a profound RPG Energy pursuit once we dispatch The Witch Queen.


In the identical approach as different of you, I’m energetic about PVP in Future 2 and clearly we have not had a gentle message round these modes. Alongside these traces, I would desire to share our simple stage imaginative and prescient for the Crucible:

Direct participant versus participant rivalry is prime in Future as a alternative to speak dominance of your Guardian and grandstand the energy of your arms stockpile towards completely different gamers.

It is a primary imaginative and prescient, but it is one that’s important to inflicting the sport to really feel like a real spot for these gamers that lengthy for that exhibit, the place the prizes you have acquired, the flexibility you illustrate, and the way you have fabricated your Guardian all matter. Thus, we should always talk about what we’re doing this yr for PVP, starting with our two wants: bettering ongoing interplay sandbox steadiness within the Crucible and overhauling the encounters of our most optimistic sport modes.

Second, over the course of the next a couple of seasons, we are going to make adjustments to Stasis and Gentle subclasses to perform a greater equilibrium of subclasses within the Crucible. Throughout Season 13 and 14 we are going to change Stasis within the Crucible to align its basic viability with our Gentle subclasses. Listed here are a portion of the progressions you’ll be able to anticipate that coming ought to refreshes this Season and subsequent:

Behemoth Titan:

  • Decline Tremendous hurt lower.
  • Increment Tremendous vitality price when performing mild assaults.
  • Remove freeze AOE on Tremendous solid.
  • Reduce voyaging adequacy of Shiver Strike when eased again.

Revenant Hunter:

  • Diminishing Withering Blade hurt and following.
  • Decline reasonable stacks utilized to targets.
  • Remove Shatterdive hurt lower.

Shadebinder Warlock:

  • Repair bug the place Iceflare Bolts would not observe in the direction of targets promptly on creation.
  • Repair bug the place Shadebinder Tremendous pictures have been holding off on following till a selected distance voyaged.


  • Abatement gem break hurt.

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