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eu4 console commands

Eu4 Console Commands | Europa Universalis 4 Cheat Codes

by Herman Jacques

Looking to eu4 console commands codes? This page records the codes which might be contribution to the Console Window, an uncommon investigating window which might be gotten to on non-ironman games by squeezing ⇧Shift+2, Alt+2+1, ⇧Shift+3,§, ~, ^, °, ², or ‘ (key fluctuates dependent on console format). Press the up or down bolt keys to navigate through recently executed orders. Press ⇆Tab in the wake of entering the start of an order to autocomplete it or show which orders start with the entered succession.

Numerous codes can be killed by rehashing the order, yet in some cases reloading the Europa Universalis 4 spare or leaving the game is important. Adding a | and a filename to the furthest limit of a reassure orders, composes the yield of the order to the predetermined document in the game establishment organizer. Type the name of a comfort order into the pursuit box to quickly look through 305Europa Universalis 4 orders. Drift over a cheat code to see nitty gritty contention clarification. Snap on the name of an order to visit its order page for more assistance and models.

The Europa Universalis 4 support can be opened by squeezing one of the accompanying console hotkeys: ‘, ~, SHIFT + 2. Type an order into the content box and hit ENTER to send it. In the event that those hotkeys aren’t working for you, or need more assistance with utilizing the support, see our reassure control.

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This investigate order starts a strong reconsideration of all arranged armed force developments by the AI. It is helpful to Europa Universalis 4 settle on a military rethink choices if conditions have changed yet the game isn’t refreshing. In the event that a nation tag is determined, the multitude of the nation with this label Europa Universalis 4 will be rethought. In the event that, as a subsequent contention, a record name is given (for example armylog.txt), a log of the reexamination will be spared to this record (which would then be able to be found in your game’s establishment catalog).

Eu4 Console Commands Europa Universalis 4 Cheats Console and Codes

Raise the comfort order box by Europa Universalis 4 squeezing ~ (TILDE, the key above TAB) and afterward enter and affirm one of the codes underneath to create the comparing impact.

eu4 console commands

  • add_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target nation tag>] – Add casus belli against target nation
  • add_core [<Province ID>] – Add center
  • add_natives [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] – Add locals to given area
  • add_opinion [<Country tag>] – Add sentiment to/from tag
  • add_pi [<Country tag>] – Add ecclesiastical impact to tag
  • add_pa [<Country tag>] – Add patriach position to tag
  • add_reformlevel [<Amount>] – Add change level to the realm
  • add interest [<Country tag>] – Add indicated nation tag to your advantage
  • strength – Adds solidness
  • add_colonist [<Country tag>] – Adds a pioneer to the predefined nation
  • add_heir [<Target Country Tag>] – Adds a beneficiary of a tag (eg: add_heir 43)
  • add_missionary [<Country tag>] – Adds a preacher to a nation
  • add_diplo – Adds strategic entroute
  • morehumans [number] – Adds more people
  • devotion – Adds devotion
  • populace [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] – Adds populace to an area.
  • distinction – Adds Prestige
  • add_idea_group [<Idea bunch key>] – Adds the recognized thought gathering
  • power [<stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>] – Adds the recognized thought gathering
  • add-on [<Target Country Tag>] – Begin add-on/annexes the recognized nation
  • coordinate [<Target Country Tag>] – Begin incorporate/incorporates the distinguished nation
  • controll [<Province ID>] – Change regulator
  • mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] – Change mapmode.
  • own [<Province ID>] – Change possession
  • nextsong – Changes the tune presently playing
  • clear – Clears the comfort
  • savegame – Creates a spare document
  • find [<Target Country Tag>] – Discover capital of target tag
  • helphelp – Double Rainbow (help from a unicorn)
  • selflearningai – Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI
  • occasion [event id] [<Target Country Tag>] – Executes an occasion (eg: occasion 3041 51)
  • labor (Insert Number) – Extra labor
  • Money (Insert Number) – Extra cash
  • fow off – Fog of War killed
  • fow on – Fog of War turned on
  • survey – Force surveys
  • adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain regulatory force
  • plunge [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain political force
  • mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain military force
  • powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain power in all classes
  • winwars – Awards max war score in all battles for the nation
  • poke – Go to the prod apparatus
  • combatsound – Determines how frequently battle see delivers an arbitrary sound? (range is 0-50)
  • imperial_authority [VALUE] – Increases your Imperial Authority
  • kill_cardinal – Kills the following cardinal on the rundown
  • kill_heir [<Target Country Tag>] – Kills the beneficiary of a nation (eg: kill_heir 43)
  • die(kill) [<Target Country Tag>] – Kills the ruler of a nation (eg: murder 43)
  • oos – Make the customer go oos
  • costs – Pricing information (records in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\logs)
  • help [command name] – Print out order determined, or all comfort orders
  • memory – Prints out the pre-owned memory
  • balance – Region Balance yield

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