How To Dive & Swim Underwater in FFXIV

The How To Dive & Swim Underwater in FFXIV article will guide you through the process of diving and swimming underwater while playing Final Fantasy XIV. This includes a detailed explanation on how to equip your character with the proper gear, as well as some advanced techniques for better swimming and staying underwater longer.

With Stormblood, the newest expansion for FFXIV: Final Fantasy XIV Online, you can now explore some of Eorzea’s pristine regions from a new perspective. Jumping is just one alternative; players will also be able to use their flying mounts and swim underwater, even though they have already been available in Heavenward or A Realm Reborn expansions previously.

Stormblood’s new watery regions and modes of transportation make for an interesting addition to the game. As soon as you start Stormblood, your character can begin swimming in any body of water they encounter. You’ll also be able to utilize Run Mode while on a boat or ship- which means that there’s no limit to how far players will be able swim!

The Stormblood expansion is an unexpected monster in comparison to swimming completely. To open plunging, you’ll have to advance the principle mission up until “In Soroban We Trust.” After that, it should be quite similar as flying in Heavenward and there are a few adaptations for PC players like Control/Spacebar on your keyboard or triangle/circle buttons of PS4 controller.

How to Unlock Diving in FFXIV

Final Fantasy has without a doubt reworked the entire course of gaming history. The notable adventure is imprinted in the brain of millions around the globe, and it’s seen its good times and bad ones too! It was instrumental to move forward with MMORPGs, which makes sense considering how few people who enjoy this genre have not heard about Final Fantasy before now.

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What a journey! The story of Final Fantasy XIV is long and complicated. There was the original game, which players were excited for but then it turned out to be incomplete. Square Enix did major self-analysis and had the option to either give up or fix what they messed up so far with FFXIV in 2010, fortunately they chose wisely by giving us this new great expansion pack that we all love.

Yet at the same time, there were some game restrictions that for some new players weren’t so significant, however for other people it was pivotal to improve their experience and pardon Square Enix of its transgressions. It is why we now have access to Final Fantasy XIV! We realize you are passing on how to make a plunge FFXIV – don’t worry; Sellers and Friends will teach you with our step-by-step guide. With multiple mysteries in FFXIV but not jumping as one of them..

How to dive and swim underwater in FFXIV

“A lot of people are excited about the new Shadow Carriers in Final Fantasy XIV. Unlike other monsters, they have a chance to drop submerged substances that can be used for crafting underwater gear and abilities.”

People love anything related to water so it’s no surprise there is excitement over these enemies who swim around with some exciting items! In addition, players now get an opportunity at submerge-able loot thanks to their dastardly appearance on land as well.

Separated from the well known Final Fantasy XIV elements, plunging submerged and swimming in profound water can be done. The Shadow Bearers zone has various missions that require this kind of movement so it is worth exploring for new players to get acquainted with their surroundings as they play through chapters one-twenty two.

In the event that you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV Shadow possessors on PlayStation 4, press O. On the off chance that your utilizing an Xbox One then just push B and PC clients should tap CTRL + Space. There’s a mix of keys which can be used to squeeze submerged (O or space). Additionally, it is possible for some mounts to travel faster in water by pressing R1/RT respectively on PS4

In this passage about getting underwater while exploring Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers players are given instructions for how they need to start their game if they’re using different platforms like Playstation 4, Xbox One or even PC.

How Diving in FFXIV Works

Presently you can investigate under the ocean by one or the other leaving on an entryway to a submerged town, or utilizing your flying/diving capacity. In case you end up being in flight mode and hit water at that point, it’ll plunge into this sea with no problem.

There is no breath meter, so don’t hesitate to swim around and investigate the profundities however long you like. Furthermore, when you figure out how to jump in this game – which is something that can be done by pressing a button on your controller or keyboard (whatever feels more comfortable) – then all of your flying mounts gain the ability to fly underwater too! The Ruby Sea zone even has an area where players are able- yes I am serious here folks- they’re actually allowed as much time as they want before diving down into their watery depths with only one horse at their side for company.

Get out there and explore the waters of FFXIV without any fear! No longer will you have to be afraid that your new jumping capacity is just a one-time event. Furthermore, make sure not miss our Stormblood advisers for other great opportunities to capitalize on this newfound skill.


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