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Dive & Swim Underwater in Final Fantasy Xiv

How To Dive & Swim Underwater in FFXIV

by Herman Jacques

Last Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, similarly as Heavenward did, adds a completely better approach to navigate FFXIV’s pristine regions. Notwithstanding flying, presently you’ll have the option to jump submerged yourself notwithstanding utilizing one of your flying mounts from Heavenward and A Realm Reborn.

You can swim immediately after starting Stormblood. In specific waterways in more established regions and any noticeable waterway in the new regions, you should essentially stroll into the water, and once you arrive at a territory with enough profundity, you’ll begin swimming and drifting in manners you weren’t beforehand ready to do. You can likewise utilize run activity to quickly swim over the surface similarly as you would do ashore.

Making a plunge FFXIV: Stormblood is an unexpected monster in comparison to swimming completely. You have to open the capacity to make a plunge game. To open plunging, you’ll have to advance in the principle mission up to “In Soroban We Trust.”

After you’ve opened the activity, it’s much the same as flying in Heavenward. You can jump further or re-visitation of the surface a similar way you would while flying (utilizing whatever your rise/dive button is on your foundation of decision). For the PS4 it’s triangle/circle. On PC it’s control/spacebar.

How to Unlock Diving in FFXIV

Last Fantasy has without a doubt reworked the entire course of gaming history. The notable adventure is imprinted in the brain of millions of players around the globe. With its good and bad times, Final Fantasy figured out how to move to the seat of MMORPGs. Right up ’til the present time, it’s practically difficult to track down an aficionado of the class that hasn’t found out about this adventure previously.

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Dive & Swim Underwater in Final Fantasy Xiv

What’s more, it carries us to Final Fantasy XIV, otherwise called FFXIV, the fourteenth portion of the endless establishment that numerous players were expecting for a long time. Needles to state, there were a ton of issues when this game was first delivered. We as a whole recall the incomplete Final Fantasy XIV that Square Enix needed to sell us in 2010, fortunately. They did significant self-analysis and had the option to spare FFXIV from the paws of unceasing blankness.

Yet at the same time, there were some game restrictions that for some new players weren’t so significant, however for other people, it was pivotal to improve the experience and to pardon Square Enix for their transgressions at long last. It is the reason we would now be able to plunge submerged in Final Fantasy XIV! We realize you are passing on to realize how to make a plunge FFXIV. Stress not – Sellers and Friends is here to teach you with FFXIV how to plunge direct. FFXIV has numerous mysteries, however jumping won’t be one of them.

How to dive and swim underwater in FFXIV

What’s happening in Final Fantasy XIV, Shadow carriers keeps on having an effect with its mind blowing shocks, since Shadow bearers has included submerged substance, so in the event that you need to realize how to plunge and swim submerged in Final Fantasy XIV Shadow bearers, at that point keep perusing.

In spite of the fact that plunging submerged and swimming in profound water is certainly not another element of Final Fantasy XIV, it could be for you on the off chance that you are new to the Final Fantasy family. In Shadow bearers you can frequently plunge submerged, investigate it to find new regions and complete various missions.

Dive & Swim Underwater in Final Fantasy Xiv

On the off chance that you are playing Final Fantasy XIV Shadow bringers on PlayStation 4, you should press the O button, however in the event that you have a Xbox One, you just need to press the B button, while for PC clients, you should press CTRL + Space, if this mix doesn’t work you should check the connections of keys. When squeezed, you will naturally pass submerged to begin investigating. Also you can utilize certain mounts submerged to get quicker travel speeds.

How Diving in FFXIV Works

Presently you can investigate under the ocean by one or the other leaving one of the entryways in the submerged towns or by utilizing the Flying/Diving – Descend key (Default: Ctrl + Spacebar). In the event that you end up being flying, you can even plunge straight into the water in the event that you hit it at a specific point.

There is no breath meter, so don’t hesitate to swim around and investigate the profundities however long you like. Furthermore, when you figure out how to jump, the entirety of your flying mounts gain the capacity to swim submerged also. You could even toss all rationale out the window and ride your Flying Cumulus cloud submerged.

You may even begin to lean toward plunging with your trusty horse around the Ruby Sea until you gain the capacity to fly in that zone. Swimming on a mount is similarly as quick as flying, which makes getting around the guide far simpler.

Presently get out there and investigate the waters of FFXIV with your newly discovered jumping capacity! Furthermore, make certain to look at the remainder of our Stormblood advisers for capitalize on this new development.


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