How To Get Harrow Warframe 2021

Harrow resembles a darkish priest and might be a superb help Warframe, but additionally performs properly even on his personal. He can present groups with hearth fee, life steal, elevated reload velocity, and even invulnerability which turns into vital probability afterward. With all of his buffs in addition to his means to cease enemies of their tracks, he’s thought of a superb help Warframe.

Methods to Get Harrow?

To get Harrow’s Blueprint, you will want to finish the Chains of Harrow quest, which rewards it to you as soon as completed. His element blueprints might be discovered by doing particular missions.

The next are the place you will get Harrow Blueprints:

  • Harrow Principal BlueprintFull Chains of Harrow Quest
  • Harrow Neuroptics – Rewarded from Rotation C Spy Vaults in Pago, Kuva Fortress (Full all three Hacks)
  • Harrow Chassis – Drops from Void Fissure Enemies
  • Harrow Techniques – Rewarded from Rotation B and C when doing Defection missions

Chances are you’ll reacquire the principle blueprints from Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 standing.

A totally constructed Harrow could also be bought from the marketplace for 225 Platinum.

Crafting Harrow

The next are the crafting necessities for Harrow.

Harrow Blueprint

  • Harrow Neuroptics x 1
  • Harrow Chassis x 1
  • Harrow Techniques x 1
  • Kuva x 2000
  • Credit x 25,000

Harrow Neuroptics

  • Neural Sensors x 5
  • Plastids x 2,000
  • Polymer Bundle x 4,000
  • Rubedo x 1,500
  • Credit x 15,000

Harrow Chassis

  • Alloy Plate x 20,000
  • Salvage x 25,000
  • Oxium x 800
  • Orokin Cell x 5
  • Credit x 15,000

Harrow Techniques

  • Circuits 2,500
  • Cryotic x 1,000
  • Management Module x 15
  • Ferrite x 25,000
  • Credit x 15,000

Harrow Assets

Beneath is a breakdown of the assets that you may be needing when crafting Harrow in addition to the areas the place you could find them.

AssetsUseful resource AreasGuides
Alloy PlateVenus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, PlutoClick Here
CircuitsCeres, Kuva Fortress, VenusClick Here
Management ModuleNeptune, Europa, VoidClick Here
CryoticExcavation MissionsClick Here
FerriteMercury, Earth, Neptune, VoidClick Here
KuvaKuva FortressClick Here
NeurodesEarth, Deimos, Eris, LuaClick Here
Orokin CellCeres, Deimos, SaturnClick Here
OxiumEuropa, Jupiter, Lua, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, VenusClick Here
PlastidsSaturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, ErisClick Here
Polymer BundleMercury, Venus, UranusClick Here

Methods to Full Chains Of Harrow Quest?

Step one of the Chains of Harrow quest is to Examine the Message: Pacific, Earth which places the participant in a ship that appears to be working on no energy. You’ll need to go in the direction of discovery areas. There will likely be three spots it is advisable examine earlier than you might be contacted by the Pink Veil member named Palladino who you will need to shield till the mission ends.

You’ll subsequent have to do the Meet Palladino at Iron Wake: Earth step, which requires you to go to Iron Wake. To proceed you’ll have to swap to your Operator to enter the visitor quarters. The state of affairs will likely be defined relating to Rell, whose spirit has escaped and must be discovered. Palladino will ask you to retrieve a stolen relic to calm Rell.

The next step will likely be to do the Discover Rell’s Relic: Hydra, Pluto mission, at this level, gamers begin to study extra about Rell and discover out that he’s emotional and has began lashing out at those that have been slaughtered on the ship. You’ll need to go in the direction of the relic’s location and retrieve it however this causes Pink Veil enemies to assault, and you will want to flee.

As soon as the relic has been obtained, you’ll be heading again to Iron Wake and you’ll have to full a brief minigame as Rell’s previous is revealed. One can find playing cards with faces on them and will select the proper emotion when prompted. In a while, Lotus will recommend capturing Rell’s manifestations which require Kinetic Siphon Traps.

There will likely be three missions that you’ll have to do afterward which requires you to seize Rell’s manifestations utilizing Kinetic Siphon Traps. You’ll have to use the Kinetic Siphon Traps and harm the manifestations to finish every mission. There are a number of manifestations in every mission. Beneath are the next missions that require you to make use of Kinetic Siphon Traps and defeat manifestations:

  • Seize Rell’s Manifestations: Exequias, Deimos
  • Seize Rell’s Manifestations: Stephano, Uranus
  • Seize Rell’s Manifestations: Everest, Earth

The Lotus later that Rell has been in Transference too lengthy and has been caught within the Void, which is what’s inflicting psychological harm.

Your Subsequent step will likely be to finish the Enter the Temple: Tiwas, Void mission, which is the place Rell’s consciousness is imprisoned. You’ll have to make your manner till you attain the hanging Warframe in chains. As you attempt to free the Warframe, it seems that one other being is inside it and you’ll have to struggle it. You’ll have to defeat the Pink Veil Fanatics which might be round and destroy the chains.

Rell will discuss to Palladino, asking in regards to the “man within the wall” and Palladino explains that the Tenno will tackle what was Rell’s accountability. Rell will lastly be at peace and the mission will likely be full, rewarding you with the Harrow Blueprint. From right here on a doppelganger will seem infrequently.


  • It is very important concentrate on finishing your mission fairly than combating the Pink Veil Fanatics except required, as they’ll spawn in a number of missions.
  • Bringing quick Warframes or ones with skills or weapons to clear a number of enemies could make development sooner.
  • Defections might be one of many extra irritating missions for many gamers and it’s greatest to do public matches to make issues simpler.
  • You’ll want to carry sufficient Kinetic Siphon Traps when capturing Rell’s manifestations or you may be unable to complete the missions.

Last Ideas

The Chains of Harrows quest is among the most memorable of Warframe’s quest, particularly due to its launch and expertise when it got here out. Harrow has been one of the vital rewarding Warframes, particularly after the a number of steps it is advisable take to acquire him. As soon as Harrow has been obtained, he can be utilized in a number of missions and turns into a really useful member of any squad.

It’s potential to acquire a few of Harrow’s elements earlier than doing the Chains of Harrow quest however ultimately, you will want to get the principle blueprint. In the event you lose the principle blueprint, you might require it by buying it for standing from Cephalon Simaris.

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