How To Highlight In Pages [Text Highlight in Mac and iPhone]

Highlight In Pages

This article explains Highlight In Pages text in the Pages application on a Mac, including how to leave notes whenever you’ve highlighted something. You can add tone behind any choice of text — individual characters, words or whole sections — to make a highlight impact.

At the point when you’re working in Pages on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, highlighting message is a helpful way of making something stick out. You can choose and highlight text so that it’s more recognizable to you or somebody you’re collaborating with on the report. The pleasant thing about using highlights is that you can likewise add remarks to the highlighted text.

Instructions to Highlight In Pages in case you are the person who works on the pages on the macintosh, iPhone, or iPad then, at that point, highlighting message is probably the best strategy to stand apart something. You can just choose any text and highlight it so it will become observable to you and to another person also who is reading that archive. The best thing about it is that you can likewise have the option to add a portion of different parts to it to highlight the text appropriately.

Highlighting is especially helpful for understudies, authors, editors, teachers, and office Apply Update from ADB Sideload, yet it’s important to almost any individual who invests a considerable lot of energy in the word processing application on a Mac. While the highlighting capacity may not be totally clear from the outset.

How Do You Highlight in Pages on a Mac?

Pages permits you to Highlight In Pages so a particular segment stands apart from the remainder of the report. You can choose from various diverse highlight tones, and every manager can be alloted an alternate tone in case you’re working cooperatively. After a segment of text has been highlighted, you can likewise add a note to remind yourself why you highlighted it, or to give editorial, setting, or other information to a collective accomplice.

Here’s the means by which to Highlight In Pages on a Mac:

  • Open a Pages text archive.

  • Select the text you need to highlight.

  • Snap Insert > Highlight on the menu bar.

  • Your text is presently highlighted.

Highlight In Pages

How to Change the Color of Highlighted Text

Whenever you’ve highlighted some text, you can change the highlight tone. In the event that your record has various individuals collaborating on it, you can likewise allot an alternate tone to every individual.

Here’s the way to change the shade of Highlight In Pages on a Mac:

  • Highlight some text using the technique depicted previously.

  • Snap View on the menu bar.

  • Snap Comments and Changes.

Highlight In Pages

  • Snap Author Color.

  • Snap the shading you need to use for highlights.

Highlight In Pages

  • Your highlights will change to the shading you chose.

How to Leave Comments on Highlighted Text in Pages on Mac

You can highlight text just to make it stick out or to assist you with finding explicit areas later on, yet highlighting additionally permits you to leave notes. At the point when you Highlight In Pages, you can add a remark to the highlighted text. You would then be able to check the remark later to assist with reminding you of why you highlighted the text, or to check whether there was some change you needed to make later.

Remarks are additionally valuable in case you’re collaborating in light of the fact that the others who approach your record will actually want to see your remark and leave their own.

Here’s the way to leave remarks on highlighted text in Pages on a Mac:

  • Highlight some text using the technique depicted previously.

  • Move your mouse cursor over the highlighted text, and snap in the Add a Comment box when it shows up.

Highlight In Pages

  • Type your remark, and snap Done.

  • If you move your mouse over the highlighted text later on, your note will spring up.

Highlight In Pages


How would I eliminate a highlight in Pages?

To eliminate highlighted text in Pages, click in the Highlight In Pages segment; you’ll see a remark spring up show up. In the case, click Delete. Removing a highlight doesn’t eliminate any text; it eliminates just the highlight.

How would I highlight text in Pages on an iPad?

In Pages on your iPad, select the text, and afterward tap Highlight. To eliminate the highlight, twofold tap on the highlighted text and afterward tap Remove Highlight.

How would you highlight on Pages telephone?

With the Pages record open on your iPhone or iPad, follow these means to highlight message. 1) Tap your text, in the setting menu pick between Select or Select All depending on what you need to highlight.

How would you highlight something in Pages?

At the point when you need to highlight text, select the text, click the “Characters Styles” tab, then, at that point, select “Highlight” starting from the drop menu.

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