How to Join the Goth Clique in Bitlife

Goth Clique in Bitlife

A new game has been released called Bitlife. Bitlife is a life simulator that takes place in the year 2020 and allows you to make your own avatar and play through 20 years of their lives, experiencing all sorts of different things. One thing that players have found is how difficult it can be to find friends or start conversations with people who share similar interests as them. How do you join the Goth Clique in Bitlife? In this article I will walk you through some steps so that you don’t get stuck feeling lonely!

How to Join the Goth Clique in Bitlife:

Create an avatar that resembles your look. Make sure you are wearing clothes and accessories that could be considered gothic or punk rock wear. Try coming up with a name based off of these interests, like “Nameless Night” for someone who might enjoy creating dark art and listening to dark music.┬áNext, head over to a cafe or coffee shop and find people who look like they belong at one of these places. It’s not hard if you’re looking for someone wearing black clothing with darker hair colors because those are some pretty common things that goths wear. It’s also not hard because they are often looking for people like them and will be more open to conversation than someone who doesn’t dress the same way or have similar interests.

The newest BitLife challenge is now live. To kick things off for Traffico Anomalo Google, players can finish the Twilight Challenge. Will you release your inward werewolf or yield to your dull cravings of turning into a vampire? Nonetheless, this test doesn’t have anything to do with deciding who’s going up against the vampires or wolves in battle at midnight.

How to join the Goth Clique in School in Bitlife

To join the Goth inner circle, you should meet two principle necessities alongside being in school. The first is that you need to have low looks and the second is that your joy needs to be at an all-time low– when these are down, then there’s a chance of joining up with this clique by simply clicking on School tab under Goth Clique in Bitlife.

It can be a long, tedious process to build up your character just the way you want it. But fear not! There are some tricks that I found useful when building my characters in this game which helped me overcome any flaws they may have had and get on with playing (such as having low looks). The first trick is rerolling until you find one who has “low” qualities such as appearance or charisma–I recommend using God Mode if need-be for those pesky peers of yours; another option would simply be keeping them alive through other means outside of combat like healing magic so there’s no chance their ugly face will show itself to all around them!

After you get the looks secured, it’s time to go low joy. Generally there are a couple of ways you can approach getting that no-money feeling – one is by experiencing tragic or horrible accidents but these tend to be left up to RNG divine beings. The other way (and more reliable) is just try joining different clubs and being dismissed from them again and again; every dismissal will bring your satisfaction down with it.


How To Join Goth Clique In Bitlife Tricks

Presently a days Goth Clique in Bitlife are searching for how to join goths, in the event that you are additionally one of them to Join the Goth Clique in bitlife,

You Should have these things in bitlife,

  • Lower Happiness of your character.
  • Getting lower glances in bitlife.

You’re not interested in being friends with everyone, are you? Why spend all your time on somebody who’s just going to ignore you every day. Join the cliques that will continually discriminate against and bring down your joy level without any trouble at all by joining groups like “Mean Girls” or “Loser”. You can make them regret it later when they find out what a mistake they made!

After I joined the school, I saw another Remove Red Light Filter option which lets me join Cliques. In this tab of my phone there is information about different gatherings accessible in my school as well as how much satisfaction each one brings for people involved. There are also ways for me to reduce willingness levels- simply by joining certain clubs.

In the wake of making both your Happiness and Looks to red, you can join Goths inner circles. To do this, attempt to make your Bliss level reach a Red color on Bitlife game’s mood bar–by diminishing what it takes for happiness into account by eating terrible food as per request from fellow gamers like an orange slice or candy cane. Once you have achieved that effect go ahead and select which group (clique) within the Goth community would be best suited for someone with tastes similar to yours–simply tap on any School name in order to navigate through all available cliques at once.

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