Is CocoFax Free and Legit to Use on My Computer?

CocoFax is a free online fax service provider that allows you to transmit faxes straight from your computer or phone to another computer or phone via the internet. There is no requirement for a phone line or even a fax machine. The process is entirely electronic.

Is CocoFax Really Free?

CocoFax offers a free version which is a 14-day trial period. After which you have to subscribe to one of the available plans below.

  • Lite – $9.99 / Month
  • Basic – $4.99/ Month
  • Premium – $24.99 / Month
  • Business – $24.99/ Month

Note that prices are subject to change. 

Bottom line is that you can use CocoFax for free during the 14-day trial period. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase a plan or not. 

How Legit is Cocofax?

When it comes to the question of legitimacy, CocoFax is as legit as it gets and a lot of users can testify to that.

This cloud-based fax platform allows you to safely and reliably send and receive faxes from any device using any internet-connected device. You may immediately manage faxes without having to deal with any actual documents because they are seamlessly incorporated into your regular operations.

In formal situations such as a company or administrative management, providing an efficient and secure means to send faxes comes in handy.

CocoFax is one of the most legit faxing services on the web and there are a lot of reviews to that effect. 

Is CocoFax Secured?

If you are a business owner, it is necessary to question the security of the services you want to use for your business. Let’s talk about how secure CocoFax is.

CocoFax’s security and compliance are second to none. Their number one focus is always security and dependability. 


CocoFax is compatible with a number of industry-leading security standards, ensuring that your faxes are secured with the highest level of protection possible during the transmission of the message.

Protocols for Data Encryption of the Highest Quality

In addition to protecting the faxes that you are now sending, CocoFax also protects any faxes that you may have sent at any point in the past. CocoFax employs data encryption techniques that are identical to those employed by the world’s most prestigious information technology organizations.

Every fax file that you attach to a CocoFax message is secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of 256 bits (AES). Every aspect of your private communication, including faxes in route, is protected by encryption, ensuring that no one other than the intended recipient may intercept it.

The architecture of the System

CocoFax aspires to provide you with high-end performance while making no concessions to the system’s security in the slightest degree. As a result, they have implemented an n-tier architectural design for our system, which provides multiple protective layers to ensure the security of your data.

Application Security Testing

CocoFax employs a staff of quality analysts that continually monitor the program and every update, looking for bugs or security flaws that may have been introduced. When the program is complete and ready to be given to you, we do not allow for any glitches or defects to be present.

What Does CocoFax Offer?

Free Fax Number

An online fax number is essential, whether we are talking about transmitting or receiving faxes. While faxing, the recipient will receive your fax number, which they may use to send a response to you. In addition, individuals will be sending you faxes to your own fax number.


Prior to the invention of the internet, individuals received faxes from their telephone providers. Despite the fact that it was a difficult method, it was the only one available.


Due to the fact that CocoFax gives you the option of sending faxes without the need for a phone line, it also takes care of the fax number aspect for you. CocoFax provides you a unique fax number that you may use to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.


CocoFax allows you to create a custom fax number

When you sign up for a CocoFax account, you’ll have the option of deciding your own fax number. Because the majority of those who use fax services are professional freelancers and enterprises, they require a fax number that is consistent with their company’s and brand identity. Because of this, CocoFax provides its customers with the luxury of personalized fax numbers, which is not to be underestimated.

Email to fax

The email to fax technology represents a watershed moment in the history of faxing. You can now transmit faxes right from your email inbox, thanks to CocoFax. Additionally, faxes can be received in your email inbox as well. This is comparable to sending and receiving emails, only it is much more convenient.

Delivery Reports

One of the many perks of using CocoFax is that if you send faxes using CocoFax, you will receive a delivery confirmation for each one of them. Notifications are sent to you via email as well as through CocoFax’s web dashboard. You will be notified if the fax was successfully delivered or not delivered. Other essential information may be found on these delivery reports, as well as on the delivery itself.

Lifetime Storage

CocoFax is a program that protects all of the faxes you send and receive. You will be able to access them at any moment through the CocoFax dashboard. You can opt to remove them if you choose, but they will remain accessible to you indefinitely if you do not. This means you don’t have to be worried about losing your previous faxes after a period of time.


CocoFax is one of the most legit faxing services out there. It is also one of the best and most reliable. This is why there is a free trial period; so that you can experience all the available features and see that it is not all talks. Signup for a CocoFax account to enjoy all the amazing features.

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