Lenovo Flex VS Yoga – Battle Of Quality

With an AMD Ryzen 5 processor that conveys a solid exhibition, the Lenovo Flex VS Yoga the ideal PC for CPU-escalated undertakings like altering 1080p recordings. In spite of the fact that you will settle on form and show quality, its low value makes it an incentive for cash pick. Then again, the Yoga C740 has an aluminum frame that can withstand a beating alongside a more lively and more brilliant presentation more qualified for open air use.

The most rumored and biggest PC seller right presently is with no discussion Lenovo. This astounding brand is catching eye and love from everywhere the world by giving some stunning arrangements. Beginning from efficiency concerned clients to all the more very good quality look and premium feel situated purchasers, Lenovo is teaching everybody a thing or two.

Two stunning setups of Lenovo are the Flex and Yoga arrangement. One has picked up a name for giving predominant highlights inside spending plan while the other is serving best-in-the-business looks apparently.

For this article we thought about the Lenovo Flex VS Yoga, including the Performance, lenovo flex vs yoga vs ideapad, temperature under outstanding burden and the battery of the two Laptops and gave them an evaluation (from 1 to 10), which you can find in our positioning underneath.

Lenovo Flex VS Yoga: A Detailed Review


With regards to execution, the AMD Lenovo Flex VS Yoga in the event that you needed a PC for proficient utilize like altering recordings on 1080P or running QuickBooks. It additionally has a higher base clock than the i5 at 2.1GHz however with Turbo Boost, the i5 goes up to 4.20GHz giving it an edge in this regard.

Both the processors utilize 4 centers however I am one-sided towards the Ryzen since it conveys great execution at a much lower cost.

Another zone the AMD bests the i5 is the illustrations divisions. The Flex accompanies AMD Radeon Vega 8 illustrations though the Yoga accompanies Intel UHD Graphics and in the event that you needed to pick one for gaming, I’d propose the AMD Radeon as it delivers preferable casing rates over the UHD designs.

lenovo flex vs yoga


While the Flex 5 beats the Yoga C740 as far as execution of the RAM, designs unit, and processor, the showcase is let needing, particularly in the event that you intend to utilize it outside. That is on the grounds that it has a brilliance of simply 250nits contrasted with the 300+nits of the Yoga C740 which implies the glare will be an impediment even at full-splendor.

The Yoga PC additionally delivers better tones. That is on the grounds that it has 100% sRGB and 78% AdobeRGB shading proliferation. Then again, the Flex 5 deals with a simple 62% sRGB and 46% AdobeRGB. And keeping in mind that differentiation is fundamentally the same as the two PCs, with regards to colors, the Yoga C740 is the unmistakable champ.

The goal for the two presentations is 1920×1080 and both have a showcase size of 14″. The bezels are additionally meager however on the off chance that you need something to stream Netflix or sometimes alter photographs, I’d suggest the Yoga C740.

Pricing and Specs

Something else, the Yoga 730 and Flex 14 (which will likewise be known as the Yoga 530) are attractive midrange PCs, both of pretty standard Lenovo Flex VS Yoga. The Flex 14 will cost $599.99, the 13-inch Lenovo Yoga 730 will cost $879.99, and the 15-inch Yoga 730 will cost $899.99. Those are generally base model costs, obviously, and they can be stepped up regarding processor, memory, and capacity.

The processor and designs are the overall redesigns here from past models. Each of the three new models have eighth era Intel Core i7 processors. The Flex 14 has Nvidia MX130 illustrations and the 15-inch Yoga 730 has a GTX1050. The 13-inch Yoga has Intel coordinated illustrations, which may be to decrease weight—it’s a quill light 2.46 pounds, as contrasted and the strong 4.16 pounds of its greater kin.

Difference between Lenovo Flex and Yoga

  • The Lenovo Flex VS Yoga are important for the Flex arrangement from Ideapad which has Flex 14 and Flex 15 models. They come in various setups.
  • Flex 14 contains a 14 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display Screen while the Flex 15 has 15.6 inch Full HD IPS Display. The Yoga 730 additionally has a variation with a 4K presentation.
  • The Flex 14 has the most elevated setup of eighth Generation Intel Quad-Core i5 Processor with 16 GB RAM and up to 512 GB SSD Hard Drive. Flex 14 additionally has an alternate variation that contains AMD Ryzen Processor rather than Intel.
  • Both Flex 15 and Flex 14 offers a variation with Dedicated Nvidia Graphics Card. The less expensive Flex 14 and 15 models ordinarily have an Integrated Intel Graphics card and no committed illustrations card.
  • Lenovo Flex VS Yoga is from the Yoga Series by Lenovo. The Yoga Family has three fundamental arrangement Yoga 700 arrangement, Yoga 900 arrangement and Yoga C arrangement.
  • The Yoga 900 arrangement have better form quality however Yoga 700 and C arrangement have comparable plans with nice form quality. Yoga 900 arrangement has preferable form quality over the Yoga C and 700 arrangement.

Lenovo Flex 15 vs Lenovo Yoga 730 In-depth Features Comparison

The outside piece of Lenovo Flex VS Yoga including the top and the base is made of Plastic. Despite the fact that it is plastic, it has a top notch look and feel to it.

The Build Quality is fair and Sturdy. This makes this PC useful for unpleasant use since it can deal with a ton of outer weight.

Both the pivots are very close and require some work to open the top. You should be cautious since you can harm those pivots in the event that you apply a ton of power.

The inside is made of Anodized Aluminum which gives a strong and inflexible impression and it can deal with a great deal of outside weight.

The outside of Lenovo Flex VS Yoga is made of Anodized Aluminum which gives it an excellent matte completion. It is Sturdy, respectable looking and very unbending and extreme.


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