Monster Super League – Beginners Guide

Monster Super League Beginners Guide

Monster Super League Beginners Guide is a turn-based RPG for iOS and Android that was created by SMARTSTUDY and distributed by the organization 4:33 Creative Lab. Delivered on September seventh, the interactivity is like the Pokemon arrangement. MSL centers around catching, raising, and engaging with dream beasts in a clash of Order versus Chaos. The game highlights a story mode just as a player versus player mode, which you may partake in any event, when you are not playing the game.

You have addressed the call to gather Pokémon from everywhere the edges of Latecia as you leave on your excursion to save the world from an extraordinary danger, and you, alongside your group of incredible Astromons, will be the only ones ready to bring the world its salvation. Astromons of this world fluctuate broadly, making for a wide range of conceivable group blends and techniques.

You have addressed the call to gather Pokémon from everywhere the edges of Latecia as you set out on your excursion to spare the world from an incredible danger, and you, alongside your group of extraordinary Astromons, will be the simply ones ready to bring the world its salvation. Astromons of this world change broadly, making for a wide range of conceivable group blends and methodologies.

Monster Super League Beginners Guide is an allowed to-play gacha legend gatherer RPG created by SMARTSTUDY, and distributed by Four Thirty Three. It has changed such a great amount as far as substance since its delivery, and I will endeavor to consolidate all the significant purposes of the monster super league leveling guide for this present fledgling’s aide.

Starting off Monster Super League

In Monster Super League Beginners Guide you will invest your energy gathering and doing combating animals known as Astromon. So the principal thing you need to do is the instructional exercise.


Like any game you start by learning the nuts and bolts and in the fundamentals of monster super league wiki you learn and pick up a considerable amount. Gain a couple Astromon and gathering a few things and Astrogems.

When you finish the instructional exercise you are set off all alone and prepared to sort out what to do straightaway and how to do it. Our first genuine stop is the carrier.

The center point universe of Monster Super League Beginners Guide is the carrier. Looks little from the primary screen and may not seem like a lot however there is one activity here that is useful.

Now and again you’ll see little shimmers around the carrier coordinate, tap those shines! You’ll get gold and furthermore a thing each time you do.

Regardless of whether it be more gold, some energy, and even here and there you can get Astrogems in case you’re fortunate. It possibly a little note yet it’s especially worth the tapping exertion so consistently check the carrier.

Monster Super League Mid Game Rush Guide

So you need to get to mid game (Golems B7+) as quick as could be expected under the circumstances?

R/G/B/L/D) Kiki Stats and Skills Translation : MSLGame

Stage 1:

Fabricate a water group to level 40+ as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. The Monster Super League Beginners Guide accompanying astromons are organized through and through as far as proficiency for cultivating Pagos Coast Extreme without a rep:

  • Water Perse (Best screwing healer in the freaking game)
  • Water Garuda (DPS) – hp level, att% x2
  • Water Nightmare (Tank) – hp level, att% x2
  • Water Valk (DPS) – hp level, att% x2 (reachable in legends contract)
  • Water Mona (DPS) – hp level, att% x2 (Best farmable in pagos coast)
  • Water Victoria (DPS) – hp level, att% x2
  • Water Anu (DPS) – hp level, att% x2 (farmable excessively uncommon)
  • Water Odin (DPS/Tank/Utility) – hp level, att% x2
  • Water Phibian (Tank) – hp%, att% x 2
  • Water Seiren (Healer) – hp level/% x3 (farmable in Aria Lake)
  • Water Latt (As Main Tank) – hp%, att% x2

All Gems should be 4* in any event and +6 or higher, conviction prefered in case you’re utilizing reps to cultivate.

You should arrange your initial cultivating group: Water Seiren Lead (doesn’t make a difference if she’s variation or not, she’s there to act like a punching sack), the other two after and the astromon you are leveling as last.

Monster Screen – Leveling, Equipping, and Evolving your Astromon.


On the Monster Super League Beginners Guide you have a few choices to experience. Picking the Astromon you need to zero in on, furnishing them with pearls, leveling them up, and advancing or rising them.

First thing you need to do however is pick what Astromon you need to invest your energy into. You’ll generally be utilizing a group of four in each mission yet there’s continually going to be one playing pioneer.

Step up your Astromon is very straightforward. You can get experience just by engaging with them in Story mode yet you can likewise take care of them natural product or different things to level them up as well.

Utilizing organic product is likely the quickest method to pick up levels yet ought to likewise be utilized sparingly. No one can really tell when you may get all the more so consistently play moderately.

Don’t simply toss all your HP Gems onto an irregular Astromon to level up their HP. A ton of it will help yet on the off chance that they have terrible safeguard it won’t go anyplace.

I propose picking anything over a two star for your chief. So pick a three star you got during the instructional exercise and how about we fire developing them.

Advanced Basics of Monster Super League

We should begin by covering some significant data that the instructional exercise doesn’t.

  • Variation Astromon are indistinguishable from standard adaptations of that Astromon, yet have their Leader expertise opened.
  • The Shady Shop sells valuable things at an awesome cost, and the stock changes and revives each hour.
  • The Airship will have three sparkling spots that you can tap consistently for a sum of 1200 Gold and three irregular things for nothing.
  • Astromon Monster Super League Beginners Guide resets each Monday at 12:00am nearby time.
  • On the off chance that you are looking to catch a particular Astromon, you can utilize the Story/Habitat button in the Astroguide to discover where they are accessible from.
  • Jewel shapes have extraordinary Main Stats
  • Triangle Gems have Crit DMG%
  • Square Gems have Crit Rate%
  • Diamon Gems have Resist%
  • You may just erase five companions from your companion list every day.
  • In the event that you wish to consequently top off Astrochips (used to catch Astromon in battle) each time you head into a fight, you can turn “Autofill Astrochips” in the Team Select screen prior to entering a phase. Tap the chip straightforwardly over the “Fight” button so it says “On”.
  • To open more diligently challenges you need to finish all stages on the landmass. To enter Phantom Forest (Hard) you need to finish all the stages on Normal from Phantom Forest until you finish Mirage Ruins. This applies to the following mainland too.


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