How To Get Nezha Warframe 2021

Those that grasp Nezha are able to dealing quite a lot of injury and combating in opposition to swarms of enemies with ease. Nezha is a pace and drift Warframe, recognized for leaving a path of blaze behind and having totally different mobility than others. Able to leaving a blazing path to burn enemies or setting them on hearth with Blazing Chakram, Nezha Warframe is able to weakening enemies and is even recognized to us his Divine Spears to impale a number of enemies round him.

With nice agility and highly effective talents, Nezha is a good injury dealing but additionally makes as a sturdy Warframe because of its Warding Halo, offering extra survivability.

Get Nezha?

All of Nezha’s components could also be obtained by replicating them within the Tenno Lab, situated inside the dojo. Nezha should first be researched to be obtainable for replicating, which permits any member of a clan to copy it as soon as researched.

The next part blueprints will be replicated from the Tenno Lab:

  • Nezha Blueprint
  • Nezha Neuroptics
  • Nezha Chassis
  • Nezha Techniques.

Nezha could also be bought for 275 Platinum to acquire the Warframe totally constructed.

Additionally learn methods to get the beneath Warframes:

Crafting Nezha

The next are the crafting necessities for Nezha.

Nezha Blueprint

  • Nezha Neuroptics
  • Nezha Chassis
  • Nezha Techniques
  • Orokin Cell
  • Credit x 25,000

Nezha Neuroptics

  • Argon Crystal x 1
  • Neural Sensors x 1
  • Polymer Bundle x 2,100
  • Salvage x 4,500
  • Credit x 15,000

Nezha Chassis

  • Argon Crystal x 1
  • Ferrite x 3,200
  • Morphics x 2
  • Rubedo x 600
  • Credit x 15,000

Nezha Techniques

  • Management Module x 1
  • Morphics x 1
  • Ferrite x 5,000
  • Plastids x 4,200
  • Credit x 15,000

Nezha Sources

Under is a breakdown of the sources that you’ll be needing when crafting Nezha Warframe in addition to the areas the place you could find them.


Useful resource Areas


Argon Crystal Void Click Here
Management Module Neptune, Europa, Void Click Here
Ferrite Mercury, Earth, Neptune, Void Click Here
Morphics Mercury, Mars, Europa, Pluto Click Here
Neural Sensors Europa, Jupiter, Kuva Fortress Click Here
Orokin Cell Ceres, Deimos, Saturn Click Here
Plastids Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, Eris Click Here
Polymer Bundle Mercury, Venus, Uranus Click Here
Rubedo Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, Void Click Here
Salvage Mars, Jupiter, Sedna Click Here

Replicating Nezha Blueprints

There are just a few Nezha Warframe that may be obtained by replicating their blueprints on the Tenno Lab, considered one of these being Nezha. A clan ought to have Nezha researched (that means they should have had every half researched, costing sources) which makes it obtainable for all clan members afterward to acquire utilizing credit. In case your clan has already accomplished the analysis on Nezha within the Tenno Lab, it is possible for you to to acquire all the blueprints for these which might be researched.

Nezha Prime

Nezha Prime will be obtained by unlocking its components from the next Void Relics:

Nezha Prime Blueprint

Nezha Prime Neuroptics

Nezha Prime Chassis

Nezha Prime Techniques

Ultimate Ideas

Whereas most assume Nezha is all about quick motion, he’s a really cell Nezha Warframe because of his capacity to slip additional. Many seek advice from Nezha as a drifting Warframe since he can slide excellently, making it a chance for many who usually use sliding when attacking or maneuvering. This additionally makes it simpler for Nezha to unfold his capacity, particularly when forsaking a path of fireplace.

Whereas Nezha is thought to be quick, cell, and good at dealing regular injury, he’s additionally able to being a sturdy Nezha Warframe. Combining his pace, sturdiness, and good ability together with highly effective weapons, Nezha could be a beast in any battle and can also be shifty sufficient to flee and get again into fights when wanted.

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