OneNote vs Notability – Which is Better?

OneNote vs Notability

While OneNote vs Notability is one of the pioneers of note-taking applications, Notability has done marvels for its Apple clients. The two applications rush to the top as far as client convenience and unmistakable provisions. While OneNote was delivered in 2003, Notability has in practically no time moved forward the stepping stool after at first delivering in 2010.

Both are amazing assets for understudies and business experts who need to utilize their iPad and Mac gadgets like a computerized whiteboard to catch manually written notes and gather nitty gritty records.

How would they contrast with each other, and which one is ideal for you? We initially surveyed both applications in 2019, however they’ve developed OneNote vs Notability from that point forward. How about we investigate both applications and how they’re taking care of business for 2021.

Thought can be gotten to by means of program or application, and is upheld by the two iOS and Android working frameworks. The free form of Notion permits you to save and adjust to 1,000 squares of content, while premium membership plans eliminate that content breaking point and add i5 8600K VS i7 8700K For Gaming, consent settings, and different components, contingent upon which level you choose.

OneNote vs Notability

User Interface

Both of the applications have an uncommon interface with a two-section format. Both applications let you gathering and shading code various notes and put them into isolated envelopes for better meaningfulness and further developed association.

OneNote has a three-chain of importance framework that gives you make organizers access an iterative way. You can likewise control the route space in OneNote vs Notability to expand the region for taking notes. Then again, you get dividers in Notability.

OneNote vs Notability

Ease of Use

OneNote is a confounded and multi-highlight application though Notability is exceptionally shortsighted. As the application gets more convoluted, the convenience diminishes for the client.

Notabily’s principle selling point is its convenience as apparent by client audits. Thus, Notability wins this one and henceforth it is more easy to understand and simpler to utilize.


OneNote vs Notability is a cross-stage application which implies we can profit from this application on Android, iOS just as Windows gadgets though Notability is presently not accessible for any non-Apple stages however the proprietors are as yet checking the interest and they guarantee to think of something soon.


OneNote sets aside a more drawn out effort to match up and startup since it needs to synchronize with numerous gadgets and burden notes from every one of the gadgets while Notability sets aside almost no effort to stack up. That is on the grounds that it has almost no synchronization to do with regards to startup.


OneNote matches up on the entirety of your gadgets paying little mind to the working framework they have, as long as you have the application introduced and signed in.

Then again, Notability just matches up across your iOS or Mac gadgets and not with some other application or cross-stage gadget which is stunning considering individuals own multi-stage gadgets. They are not wanting to give this component at any point in the near future.

OneNote vs Notability

File Size

Notability’s document size is set to 1 MB for each note with practically no sound notes though there is no set record size for OneNote vs Notability record size. It relies upon what you add to the limitless material you get.

Eraser and Highlighter

Notability has the better eraser instrument since it let you delete by pixel and you can likewise change the size of your eraser yet the highlighter apparatus isn’t all that great because of the wreck it makes while covering though the OneNote eraser is the most noticeably awful on the grounds that the interaction is cumbersome and you have almost no power over the device except for the highlighter is splendid in light of the fact that it doesn’t make muddled shades and is smooth being used.

Stylus Support

Both applications give pointer support through which you can take notes, draw, drag and pivot, feature and eradicate the text. It is very much like utilizing your fingers over the screen; you will utilize an instrument yet the usefulness of any touch will not change with the utilization of the pointer.

Handwriting and OCR

The composing experience in Notability is definitely more unrivaled than OneNote even after the most recent update wherein the OneNote inking has improved to such an extent.

Notability penmanship is clear and elegant and OneNote vs Notability has far to go to contend with Notability on this. The two applications give OCR components and convert your penmanship into text yet Notability is more precise than OneNote.

Media Handling

OneNote handles media better as it permits you to choose pictures and move them with the notes around your page while Notability doesn’t permit you to move your text and pictures or sound notes simultaneously. Generally media is a lot less difficult and simpler to deal with in OneNote in examination with Notability.

Page Size

OneNote is an endless material though Notability gives you a restricted page size that is A4 size. Likewise, in OneNote, you can move around your notes on the page and account for adding something after you have finished taking notes however you can’t do that in Notability.

Application Size

Application size for OneNote vs Notability shifts with the gadget and can occupy a great deal of room on your gadget for saving notes. Then again, Notability is 128 MB and takes extremely low space while saving a note.


The rating for OneNote on Appstore is 4.7 and the rating on Google Play store is 4.3 though the rating for Notability on Appstore is 4.8. OneNote clients grumble about synchronization issues though notability clients gripe about the application smashing arbitrarily.


OneNote is a free note-taking application from Microsoft while Notability can hamper you $10 and that too for your Apple gadgets as it were. Be that as it may, there’s a trick; OneNote utilizations space from the OneDrive and when you run out of free space from the drive, it might cost you extra cash for more capacity.

Miscellaneous Features

Both the applications have a huge arrangement of pen highlights which provides the client with a great deal of choices to plan and put together the reports, shading code various headings, bunch different subjects, and so on You can likewise turn text in both of the applications however OneNote vs Notability gives just a 90-degree revolution while Notability permits you to pivot your notes at any point.

OneNote vs Notability

Notability has various pen estimates with the goal that you can have numerous composing choices. Likewise, Notability has various penmanship styles which you can change even subsequent to taking notes. It additionally has a zoom include. These things are not accessible in OneNote vs Notability. The choice instrument for Notability is additionally such a ton better than OneNote.

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