OSRS Farming Guide – Complete 1-99 Farming Guide

Are you looking for OSRS Farming Guide – Complete 1-99 Farming Guide? If so, this guide will help you get from level 1 to 99 in OSRS. This OSRS farming guide is different than most others because it’s designed to help you reach the goal of getting 99 skills while also making money and leveling up your character!

In this Old School Rune Scape Farming guide, you’ll learn all the basics required to dominate and bring in yourself a ton of OSRS cash. Cultivating is likely one of the most impressive – it’s probably nearest to reality. You need to plant harvests and watch them grow into undeniable plants that bear sweet fruit.

Hey everyone! Today I am introducing a beautiful, profoundly mentioned article on my channel. Initially, I planned to make a level 1 – 99 Farming Guide but since there is so much information that needs to be included in it and because of the fact that this will take forever for me to finish alone (I don’t really have time), I’ve decided instead of making one long guide with everything mixed together into chapters or whatever else people do nowadays when they post blogs (again not sure what you call them) about something like farming i’ll just break down each part individually. The first “guide” if you can even consider it as such today’s video is an OSRS Ironman Farming Guide which teaches players how get from levels one through thirty.

Some people think cultivating is a convoluted skill that will cost them thousands of dollars to max. Nothing could be further from the truth! In this Osrs Farming cultivating guide, we explore every technique in the game and how you can pick up 99 with costly tree runs as well as government assistance strategies which actually can get you 550K experience per week.

OSRS Farming Tools


While in principle the mixture and spells referenced above could be recorded under this classification, we’re discussing more sensible stuff. Cultivating apparatuses can be purchased from any Farming shop and they all have their particular employments.

Instrument Leprechauns are extremely valuable little Osrs Farmers! They will take care of your devices for you at a Farming patch – these helpful creatures cannot do too much but what they may is vital to our livelihood as farmers!”

Leprechauns want you to have a good time while out with your friends, so they will give away their stockpiling for free! Tool Leprechauns can also take note of any spices or produce that you might need.


OSRS Farming Basics

Farming is a complicated practice that takes patience and careful planning. There are designated Farming patches where one needs to plant their harvests accordingly, which means they can’t just drop the seeds anywhere on the ground.

You are able to find Farming patches that have been specifically designed for certain yields. For example, there is a patch of blueberries with no poison ivy in sight! Furthermore, as you progress through the game and use more farming patches you will see how it’s beneficial to be proficient at preparing different areas from all over Gielinor.

RuneScape Plant Types

There are many different types of plants: Osrs Farming, Fruit trees, Bushes, Hops and Vegetables. Each type has a specific seed which can be planted in their corresponding farming patch to produce the desired result. For example if you want hops for brewing beer then plant them on your brewery’s farm plot since that is what they’re used for!


Some of the best farming spots in RuneScape are hidden away. You’ll need to get your hands on some birdhouse traps and take a gamble with luck! The seeds you find, though not guaranteed, will be worth it if they’re destroyed by these intriguing contraptions because each trap has an assortment of options for obtaining valuable crops.


Saplings are a transitional stage between Tree Seed and the fully-grown tree, but they require more care than Seeds. You need an Empty plant pot to start with; fill it up with soil from any Farming patch using your Gardening scoop. A Sapling will be watered “Osrs Farming” showing towards the end of its name when you use a Watering can on Filled pots or Tubs filled with water that is not in contact with dirt – this makes sure that their roots have enough oxygen for growth because these little trees grow so fast!

Saplings grow much faster than Trees do. Make sure you keep them warm by putting something over them at night if there’s snow outside (or just making some iced tea!).

A Sapling takes around 5 minutes to grow up and mature enough for planting outside. You can take the time to cut down an ordinary Tree that developed from a Sapling, but you’ll have to pay 200 coins in order for Farmer Bob-Bobberson do it or else he might not be able too because of his back injury from wrestling alligators.

Diseased Plants

Plants are just like creatures: they can become ill. If a plant becomes infected, it needs to be dealt with quickly or else the disease will spread and infect other plants in your inventory. The easiest way to deal with an infection is by using Plant Fix mixture on individual diseased crops – but this costs 40 coins per use! Alternatively you could pay 25 coins for someone at the Farming patch nearby who has been trained as a rancher (or 200 points) to take care of all of them instead.

There are two ways to remove evil from your plants. You can use a Lunar spell called Cure Plant, which requires level 66 Magic and 8 Earth runes but only one Astral rune. This is the best option if you’re using an earth staff because it takes less magic points to cast than casting plant fix mixture does with the same amount of ingredients (8 Air Runes + 1 Water Rune).

Dead Plants

In the event that your plants can contract an infection, at that point they can bite the dust too. Dead plants can’t be restored yet you can endeavor to resuscitate them (we are not totally sure that this doesn’t consider sorcery).

This is finished with the Resurrect Crops spell from Osrs Farming spellbook. The spell requires level 78 Magic and bunches of runes: 25 Earth runes, 8 Blood runes, 12 Nature Runes, and 8 Spirit Runes.

The possibility to raise your dear plant resurrected relies upon on your magickal force; at a low Magik degree (level 10-40) it will be possible for you just 50%, while still in high levels (levels 75+) there’s an opportunity of 90%. To abstain from requiring this exorbitant Spell all things considered as any case conceivable or even utilizing Amulet Of nature yet again – pay NPC’s so they can guarantee plants or shield them off with amulet For farming patches!

Farming Patches

As was referenced previously, Farming patches are spread all around Gielinor. Just explicit kinds of plants can be planted into explicit Farming patches.

You should do a ton of transporting, so preparing Farming on new records can be very troublesome. If you start at Level 1 and work your way up to level 99 it will cost nearly 9 million coins; however if you’re lucky enough to get the money early then farming as soon as possible is for sure worth it!

The benefits outweighs the costs in my opinion because when I started Low-level Farming with only 25% experience points into this skill (Level 22) there were many different patches that had been available near me but now they have all disappeared due to my high levels which makes transport more difficult.

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