Revenant Warframe Build Farming – How To Get Revenant? (Guide)

Revenant Warframe Build Farming

In Revenant Warframe Build Farming – How To Get Revenant? (Guide), we will talk about the best way to farm for Revenant. Revenants are an important component of Warframes and can be obtained in different ways. Some people have a hard time farming these valuable resources, but this blog post will help make things easier for  you.

The Mask of The Revenant update has introduced a new Warframe that may be the perfect replacement for Nyx. With its fourth force, players are able to output more damage while still being protected by increased vulnerability themselves; it is kind of like having an extra tank in your squad!

Hello folks and welcome to another Warframe Direct article. This time, we’re checking out the Revenant warframe! He’s a powerful Sentient-like frame equipped for destroying energy capacities with his forces while also having the option of summoning an Eidolon on your enemies.

He is a Warframe that cannot be obtained easily. In order to unlock him, you must first clear the story mission “A Man of Few Words” with at least one other player and then talk to Nakak during any quest from there on out in Sorties or Void Fissures.

Nexus Mods answered my prayers when I found his revenant warframe quests locations which helped me understand this incredible game even more!

How to Get Revenant Warframe Build Farming?

Warframe - Vengeful Revenant and War Parts Farming Guide

This is one more constrained granulate in Plains of Eidolon that no one requested. Yet, that choice must be made by Digital Extremes all alone. I don’t care for playing in this purported open-world region by any means, however that is my assessment. You need Observer Rank 2 with Quills else you won’t have the option to begin the mission;

it’s too bad they didn’t make a point about how important Observers are at Origins end credits sequence!

  • Head to Natak in Cetus and select “Veil“. Presently feel free to purchase the veil from Nakak, it will cost you one Cetus Wisp.
  • You should prepare the veil gave by Nakak to begin the mission.
  • When prepared, head to Plains during evening and go to the goal area. Associate with the thing and exit.
  • After getting back to Cetus, you should get the pieces of Revenant Warframe Build Farming. To get the parts, you should visit Konzu and utilize the Bounty framework to get the parts.
  • Construct these parts from your foundry, recall that you generally need three sections to create a Warframe
  • Whenever you have created and guaranteed two sections for the edge, prepare the Mask of the Lost One again and go to the POE and complete the target.
  • Nakak will give you directions, you should battle a small manager eventually. After overcoming the small supervisor you will be granted with the Revenant Blueprint.


Best Revenant Build

This is a two forma construct, that I am trying right now and is turned out great for me. I generally utilize and follow the constructs that are posted on the Brozime YouTube page.

  • Smooth out and Fleeting Expertise for expanded productivity.
  • Prepared Continuity and Primed stream for expanded force span and expanded proficiency of the fourth. Stream for more capacity to continue onward.
  • Essentialness for increment wellbeing pool
  • Strengthen to help the capacity and strength of the casing.

I generally utilize Arcane Energize and Arcane Guardian sets with my edges. The limitless energy and expanded defensive layer are two things that cause me to feel good while I am battling with anything in the game.

Revenant Builds Guide |

The process to get Revenant Warframe Build Farming

First hands first, presently to cultivate Revenant Warframe Build Farming, you need his plans. You can get the plans by finishing the Mask of the Revenant Quest. Before you access this journey, you need to accomplish the Observer’s position with the Quills.

In order to reach an Observer’s position, you will need at least three Sentient Cores. You can find these in Eidolon and Vomvalyst drops on the Plains of Eidolon or Quill Onnko at Cetus. When you have enough cores for standing, head over to Nakak who is located in central-east side of town (near Ostron merchants) with your cores ready when she offers The Mask for one Cetus Wisp from her shop inventory; once bought bring it up so that it covers both eyes then start your mission!

Nakak will give you obvious directions that you need to follow to finish the Revenant Warframe Build Farming. On its finish, you will get the principle diagrams.


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