Riven Mods and their impact on Warframe

From the beginning, Warframe Riven Mods is tied in with getting new ‘edges and weapons. Be that as it might, everything of the real exercise is within the background. Mods are the important determiners of your power stage — paying little heed to what weapons and robots you utilize. They intensify crude hurt, change important kinds, and by and huge trigger all that you simply to enhance. No matter whether or not that Ashe Warframe is pushed to the restrict on stage, it won’t genuinely be unbelievable till you might have the right mods for it.

Riven Mods are one of the most confusing frameworks in Warframe. Players get one subsequent to completing the War Within journey without any setting of what they are, the way they work, or for what reason you’d at any point need to utilize them.

Modding is essentially the most integral mechanic of Warframe. No weapon is nice sufficient by itself, and as any veteran participant would inform you, mods maketh the participant.

Modding has additionally undergone some critical overhauls and reworks through the years to work out flaws and bugs, nerf stuff into oblivion Riven Mods and buff area of interest or underused builds. All issues thought of, mods had been fairly simple, for instance, you had harm mods, elemental harm mods, essential harm mods and so forth.

Appears pretty easy up till now proper? You labored out whether or not a weapon helps a crit targeted construct, standing hose, or a hybrid of each, and modded it accordingly.

Core Idea

All different mods aside from Rivens, have a selected perform. As talked about earlier than, they enhance harm, multishot, essential likelihood and so forth., however with riven mods you haven’t any mounted position.

Regular mods are generalized for a complete group of weapons. Rifles have their very own mods, shotguns their very own and so do melee and so forth. Riven mods although, are extraordinarily specialised.

Mainly, when you get one, whether or not from sorties (excessive stage missions) or from occasions and so forth. you’re given a problem of various problem, which when accomplished offers a Riven which solely works for a single weapon, or a few its variants.

Then, you’re as soon as once more on the mercy of RNGesus, which determines what stats are going to roll on the Riven, out of fairly actually, 1000’s of prospects.

The values for the stats are in line with the Riven mod’s ‘disposition’. It is sort of a scale of a weapon’s utilization and ranges from 0.5 to 1.5, and proven in-game as 1 to five dots. Weapons which see loads of utilization by gamers have a low disposition, and thus roll low values for the Riven’s stats. Underused weapons thus have a lot stronger Riven stat values.

A good instance for disposition is the Rubico Prime and Lanka (strongest snipers in Warframe). They began seeing loads of utilization when eidolons had been launched and have consequently had their Riven mods nerfed by quite a bit.

Equally, the Scoliac, a melee whip with lengthy vary however very mediocre stats, noticed an enormous inflow of demand for its Rivens as individuals found its sturdy Riven mods coupled with pre-nerf Maiming Strike made it a really lengthy vary and efficient room clearer.

So in idea you might have a lottery-like, excessive price, excessive capability mod that has the potential to utterly change a weapon’s playstyle and/or harm output.

Rivens, when rolled can have any one of many following combos:

  • Two constructive stats, no negatives. Common values for each stats as per Riven Disposition
  • Three constructive stats, no negatives. Lowest attainable values for all stats as per disposition.
  • Two constructive stats, one adverse. Highest attainable values for positives and adverse, as per disposition.
  • Three constructive stats, one adverse. Common values on each positives and adverse.

Influence on Gameplay

Riven mods unlock a complete new potential dimension for weapons. Practically each weapon in warframe is made with some execs and cons in thoughts.

For instance, the Supra Vandal, a private favourite, is a bullet hose that holds 300 rounds per magazine, has semi-decent crit likelihood and excessive standing likelihood as its execs. For its cons, its projectiles have flight time (very annoying at vary), lengthy reload time and an IPS distribution extra skewed in the direction of puncture harm.

(IPS means Influence, Puncture and Slash and these are the bodily harm varieties in Warframe. Slash is taken into account the very best whereas Influence and Puncture are meh)

For the given weapon, fairly a couple of combos provide totally different benefits as a result of weapon’s flexibility. For instance, a standing likelihood roll can take away the necessity for placing in 60/60 standing mods and permit for elevated elemental harm.

Equally, a Riven mod that will increase crit likelihood could make the weapon extra essential harm targeted, whereas a Riven mod that gives elevated projectile flight pace can rectify the weapons’ projectile flight time.

All in all, the appropriate Riven mod may even change the weapon’s playstyle to raised go well with the participant.

Thus, Riven mods turn into the final step in the direction of perfection with devoted gamers going by means of absurd lengths to attain their excellent construct.

Energy creep

Warframe is a recreation tormented by energy creep. Energy creeping mainly signifies that each new weapon, warframe and so forth. is made barely extra highly effective than the pre-existing ones, to make it extra well-liked and to get individuals to spend on the sport.

This results in older weapons being severely outclassed by newer releases. Riven mods had been imagined to be a partial resolution to energy creeping, by maintaining underused weapons related, however as a substitute, they’ve turn into part of the issue.

The potential energy spike from the appropriate Riven mod could make any common weapon an absolute beast. This results in gamers completely slaughtering enemies at practically each stage.

Round three years in the past, going through stage 100 enemies felt like an actual problem and squads would wish to coordinate their loadouts to maximise their probabilities of survival. Now with stronger weapons and Riven mods being a typical facet of the sport, practically everybody with a half first rate construct can cheese by means of the supposedly ‘exhaustingcontent material like Sorties.


DE have come-up with a semi-solution within the type of Metal Path to battle energy creep, however it’s nonetheless extra of a band-aid than an answer.

A extra thought out resolution would require them to utterly overhaul the enemy AI to make the ever-elusive endgame truly tough, moderately than counting on gimmicks like elevated enemy armor and well being.

It’s wishful considering proper now, sure, however I sincerely hope that DE truly undergo the difficulty of overhauling enemy AI as we at the moment nonetheless have mediocre 2013 AI, that causes enemies to run in conveniently straight traces, queued as much as be obliterated.

Influence on the in-game economic system and commerce chat

Warframe’s economic system is sort of easy to know. Every time a weapon is launched or given a greater variant, costs for its Riven mods skyrocket. If it’s a brand new launch, provide could be very low as a result of the Riven mod inflow is stored in examine by its restricted acquisition strategies.

Then, there’s the precise likelihood that the Riven mod truly rolls for the given weapon. So, you might have a few 1 in 200 likelihood of rolling a Riven mod for the specified weapon. These can then go for 1000’s of platinum (the in-game forex).

This causes a really excessive stage of volatility as you might have whales (gamers hoarding 1000’s in platinum), who truly pay absurd quantities for selection Riven mods.

In impact, with each replace the commerce chat floods with individuals itemizing their mediocre Riven mods for absurd costs, whereas others attempt to rip-off new and unknowing gamers off of their Riven mods.

The costs do stagnate a bit as soon as provide catches up, however the state of commerce chat all the time worsens.

For almost all of gamers, the commerce chat turns into a wall of blue and white textual content being spammed by a couple of gamers each different minute. It turns into very tough for brand new gamers to get the grasp of buying and selling on their very own.

Warframe, by itself is sort of overwhelming for brand new gamers and with out handy entry to buying and selling, it goes up a notch. It’s simple to see newer gamers stumbling in several chat channels making an attempt to get somebody to assist them out.


The quantity of time and effort wanted to roll Riven mods is the foundation explanation for their excessive costs.

Rolling a Riven mod is a Sisyphean process, the place you’re as near the vacation spot in your hundredth roll, as you’re on the primary one.

The excessive kuva prices be certain that rolling Rivens stays a luxurious afforded by few. The kuva prices for rolling Riven mods additionally hold rising uptil 10 rolls, the place a max cap of 3500 kuva per roll is carried out.

To provide you perspective, a 30 minute kuva survival run yields ~3500 kuva with none boosters. This 3500 kuva can then both be spent to roll an unrolled riven thrice or as soon as for a high-rolled Riven mod.

Thus, a booster turns into considerably of a necessity when farming kuva. Then there’s the necessity for time to be sunk. So that you’re left with choices of

  • Buying Rivens at excessive prices for particular stats.
  • Forgoing Rivens and being underpowered for top stage content material.
  • Or spending enormous quantities of time farming kuva and risking burnout.

A easy player-friendly resolution can be for DE to both improve the quantity of kuva output from its sources, or to cut back rolling prices. It may well ease the intensive quantity of grind wanted, and DE decrease the danger of shedding gamers to burnout.

One other generally proposed resolution on Reddit and different boards is the flexibility to lock in stats. Mainly, you may lock in a desired stat on Riven mods for a value and whenever you roll the Riven once more, it doesn’t randomize once more.

As for the commerce chat dilemma, a easy divergence into two totally different channels could make issues simpler. A standard commerce chat for promoting components and mods, and a separate Riven mod buying and selling channel for gamers to spam their particular mod wants.

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