Urtuk: The Desolation – How To Create Mods

Should you already tried to look into the information of Urtuk: The Desolation and even tried to create mods, you might need seen, that the sport listing of the sport is fairly….empty. It solely incorporates your save information, your sport settings, and progress in addition to an enormous fats .jar, so there may be nothing to see or edit on the first look.

Folks with some coding expertise may know, that .jar’s are merely containers for construct Java applications (artifacts) and may include the compiled code (.class), exterior libraries (.dll/.so) in addition to sources (photographs, textual content information, …).

The .jar format itself is definitely the identical as .zip, so if you wish to verify these sources, merely open the .jar as zip (Open with 7Zip, WinRar, …) or rename it to .zip.

The sources of  Urtuk: The Desolation solely include photographs, atlas information (descriptors for how one can parse particular photographs), sound information, and localization information. The for modders essential databases and configurations are lacking, so, the place are they?

In the event that you previously attempted to investigate the documents of Urtuk or even attempted to make mods, you may have seen, that the game catalog of the game is pretty… .void. It just contains your save records, your game settings, and progress just as a gigantic .container, so there is nothing to see or alter at the main look.

Accessing the Sport Code

Since all the sport information is hardcoded into the sport,

we have now no different alternative moreover invading the code of the sport to create mods.

To take action, we have now to look a bit by it first. This may be performed by way of java decompilers like ,uhm, Java Decompiler []. Merely obtain the decompiler and open the jar of the sport with it. The end result will look fairly much like the way it appears to be like once you opened the jar as zip, however this time the compiled Java courses (.class) will probably be decompiled and their kind of authentic Java code could be seen. Please bear in mind, that decompilers could make errors.

Now which you could have a look at the code, you can begin trying to find stuff that pursuits you by utilizing the search perform (ctrl + shift + s). The search perform is search delicate, so take care.

As a basic trace on how one can discover Urtuk: The Desolation stuff in case you can’t discover it, search for stuff which may use what you’re searching for. Within the following instance, we’re searching for the unit information by searching for the champion Amos.

The category that was discovered incorporates the whole unit dataset. Related queries can be utilized to seek out mutators and different stuff. Should you’re searching for particular mechanics, attempt searching for the place they’re utilized or used. Now that you already know the place the stuff is you need to change, you need to someway change it.

One choice can be making an attempt to recompile the Urtuk: The Desolation sport primarily based on the decompiled classed, however belief me, that gained’t work with out loads of hassle and the mod would have the identical dimension as the sport – to not point out the violation of the copyright.

One other one can be hooking into the operating sport by way of instruments like Frida, however that’s additionally fairly bothersome and never one thing regular folks can do.

So, what different choice is there?

Properly, there’s a actually easy one, and that’s utilizing the sport as an exterior library.

You may need to ask, however how, the sport is, properly, a sport?

Yeah, it’s, however that doesn’t matter. The one actual distinction between an executable and a library is, that executables have an entry level, in order to talk, an instruction for the pc to run a selected perform if this system is executed as a program. If we load a program as a library, this entry level is solely ignored. That is particularly simple for Java and C#, however hell in C/C++ for varied causes.


since we use the sport as a library, we take away this entry level, which signifies that we have now to copy it in our personal undertaking. This may be performed by merely copying the code of the unique fundamental perform of the sport into the primary perform of our mod.

The sport fundamental could be discovered within the bundle kaleta.hex3.desktop.DesktopLauncher.

After that is performed, we will begin engaged on our precise modifications.

If what you need to modify is public and static fixed, you may apply your modifications in your fundamental perform earlier than initializing the sport, so earlier than initialize your occasion of HexGame3.
e.g. editing the HexConstants[]

If what you need to change is one thing else, it will likely be a bit trickier to use your modifications.

It’s important to comply with the route from the sport initialization to your vacation spot and create “extensions” of all courses which are used on the way in which in addition to enhancing the capabilities that run or initialize the category that incorporates what you need to change. Should you don’t achieve this, the sport will solely run its personal model and never your modified one.


If the builders can be prepared to, they may mod help with out breaking a sweat.

Some easy measures they may take to take action can be:

  • transferring information exterior of the jar right into a separate zips or folder for simpler entry
  • initializing the databases by way of json information as a substitute of hard-coding all entries
  • above may be used to load further information created by mods, which might overwrite and add entries to stated databases

These modifications would additionally make updates quicker for the customers,
as a result of solely the modified information and never the entire sport must be downloaded after each replace.

Other than this information, if you’d like us to cowl another information associated to the sport “Urtuk: The Desolation” do lets us know within the remark part. Thanks for studying. Glad Gaming!


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