Warframe and its Resource Problem – Way To Fix

Warframe and its Useful resource Drawback is without doubt one of the higher video games I’ve performed and has held up nicely over time. Sadly, it has its flaws too, which kind of stem from the sport’s free-to-play mannequin. It is without doubt one of the higher free-to-play fashions however no system is ever excellent. The mannequin depends on in depth grind to retain the participant base and to maintain them logging in over and again and again. It’s fairly exhausting when you notice absolutely the gargantuan quantity of grind the sport generally requires.

Warframe is one of the better games I have played and has held up above and beyond time. Sadly, it is imperfect as well, which pretty much come from the game’s allowed to-play model. It is one of the better allowed to-play models however no framework is at any point awesome. The model depends on broad pound to hold the player base and to keep them signing in again and again and over once more. It’s very debilitating once you understand unquestionably the gigantic measure of crush the game now and then requires.

Early Issues

Rewind a number of years, and each time DE would drop a brand new replace, introducing fancy new weapons and Warframes, veterans may grind out the blueprints and go straight to crafting the newly added warframe weapons and warframes. They didn’t must farm a lot for sources as most had gathered fairly massive stockpiles over time. This may result in participant rely spiking round each main replace after which falling down through the consequent content material droughts.

The sport itself was fairly unforgiving when it got here to farming sources. Rewards from goals had been meagre at finest, with few dependable farming strategies. Excessive-level enemies didn’t have any improved drop probabilities so there’s little incentive to lift the stakes.

Early on, the Atterax Spin-to-win Meta was utilized for fairly a number of years. Warframe and its Useful resource Drawback Gamers would go into survival missions and take turns hiding in corners and melee attacking via the partitions for hours. The concept being that when you’ve gathered sufficient you wouldn’t must mindlessly farm once more.

Plains of Eidolon

Then got here Plains of Eidolon —a brand new large open world replace—and together with the brand new zones, they launched a number of dozen new sources, together with gems and fish. If that wasn’t sufficient, fish spawns had been time gated with the day/evening cycle launched for the Plains.

Then there was the brand new boss-fight, the Teralyst. One other time-gated occasion for which you wanted a devoted squad to take down. This result in individuals trying just for essentially the most optimized builds, with no room for error or creativity.

Usually, the Warframe group is without doubt one of the finest on-line communities I’ve been part of. It’s useful and pleasant, however when it got here to those raids—because of the complexity and problemmost individuals had been completely unforgiving. The addition of two extra related bosses, Warframe and its Useful resource Drawback Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst, made issues worse.

Development was locked behind these fights, however the time gated nature meant that each time the evening cycle got here, the Recruiting chat would flood with individuals solely in search of skilled gamers with essentially the most optimized builds. It was uncommon to see somebody keen to show others early on.

Just a few patches had been dropped to make the grind simpler, particularly contemplating the early bounty mannequin. Youtube movies had been made to elucidate the boss battle, and it went pretty easily.


The second open world map Fortuna, which was launched in November, 2018,launched extra new sources and extra grind. One other boss battle was added, however DE realized from their errors and eased up on the time gating. Once more, most Fortuna content material was locked behind massive quantities of sources that wanted their very own pre-requisites.

Extra gems and fish yay. /sarcasm

Are you able to see the sample now? With each main replace, DE provides a number of dozen extra sources which can be often a ache to farm. Then there’s time gating, or the tools wanted to farm them was locked behind a separate grind.

All in all, in case you wished the brand new warframes, weapons or mods, you both purchased it with the premium forex, Platinum, otherwise you spent hours pointing a laser at rocks to chop out gems.

Railjack and Cambion Drift

One other big replace with promising content material, locked behind abysmal drop charges and extra new sources. Railjack had a lot potential. Large house battles, with your individual ships, or ‘Railjack’, towards hordes of enemies. On paper, appears enjoyable proper?

Crafting the Railjack required an enormous quantity of sources, even for veterans. It was later patched to be half of what was beforehand wanted. When you had executed that, one other new batch of sources was wanted to progress.

Cambion Drift is the latest open world map. Warframe and its Useful resource Drawback Once more there’s like 50 extra sources.

The Useful resource Resolution

DE wants to comprehend that the sport is now method past saturated with sources. Most video games make do with lower than half the variety of sources current in Warframe.

The very best plan of action now for DE can be to cease including any extra ‘bloat’ sources. We have already got open world areas for all three factions, so re-using their sources for additional expansions can  considerably treatment the issue .

DE must look into economic system associated points, like abysmal drop probabilities, and meagre milestone rewards, to make the sport really feel extra rewarding. The present system incentivizes gamers to go for ‘braindead’ methods like tenting in corridors for hours, which makes the sport much less enjoyable.

The sport must reward creativity and extra fun-focused gameplay, than the present excessive grindfest. In fact, the identical argument will be made for a number of different sport points like very inflexible modding setups, however the excessive useful resource saturation the sport presently faces is far worse within the long-term.

Warframe must focus extra on enjoyable and Warframe and its Useful resource Drawback, as these are the very best points of the sport. With highly-customizable cosmetics and an abundance of fantastic weapons, Warframe is already equal to an enormous playground. A playground that presently has too many restrictions and pre-requisites in place. Any extra and the sport will solely scare away each new and outdated gamers.


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