Warframe Nidus Build Guide – 6 Effective Builds

Nidus In Warframe

Utilizing the strangest of manifestations, the infested Warframe Nidus Construct Information dominates missions by overwhelming his enemies together with his infested powers. As Nidus overwhelms his enemies within the discipline, he grows an increasing number of highly effective, adapting to outlive and change into extra highly effective. Resulting from his infested properties, Nidus has no shields however in return has a big well being pool.

Nidus is one of the most adored Warframes in the game and units an incredible range of abilities with an enjoyable to play style just as a cool topic. The obtaining of the plans is really irritating (you need to manage The Glast Gambit mission and afterward ranch Infested Salvage on Oestrus, Eris), however absolutely worth your time.

Nidus is able to unleashing his infestation to trigger ruptures with tendrils to break enemies,  spawning larvae to latch on and maintain his victims, create Parasitic Hyperlinks to learn himself or allies and even unleash his personal swarm of maggots to assault his enemies.

Nidus’ talents focus loads on having the ability to injury enemies and as missions extend, Nidus turns into tougher to kill and is able to dealing extra injury. Nidus is each a tank and a Warframe Nidus Construct Information, however he’s additionally able to supporting his allies together with his Parasitic Hyperlink and his Ravenous talents.

Tips on how to Purchase Nidus?

Nidus Acquisition

So as to get the blueprint for Warframe Nidus Construct Information, you’ll need to finish “The Glast Gambit” which is a quest involving Nef Anyo and the Mycona Colony as he has stolen their kids. You’ll partake the search and change into launched to The Index the place you’ll struggle for his or her possession.

After enjoying via the search, you may be rewarded with Nidus’ blueprint, whereas the remainder of his components may be acquired by doing the Oestrus Infested Salvage mission positioned on Eris. Nidus’ elements have an opportunity to drop each rotation C.


Nidus Stats


Rank 0

Rank 30

Well being

Max Armor300


Max Power

Max Shields


Dash Velocity

Aura Polarity



Madurai, Vazarin



Nidus builds up stacks at any time when he makes use of his Virulence or Ravenous talents, rising his stacks relying on the variety of enemies hit. Each 5 hits, a cycle is accomplished, and a Mutation Stack is gained. These stacks are required for a few of Nidus’ talents and as they enhance, so does the effectiveness of the talents he casts.

Stacks can attain a complete of 100 stacks and shall be drained by 1 for Parasitic Hyperlink and three for Ravenous. Upon taking deadly injury, Timeless will change into energetic, consuming 15 stacks and preserving Warframe Nidus Construct Information by restoring 50% well being and making him invulnerable for five seconds.

The Considerable Mutation increase additional will increase the quantity of stacks Nidus could should 50/100/150/200 stacks in complete.

VirulenceWarframe Nidus Build Guide

Nidus stomps on the bottom, forcing fungal progress to rupture out of the bottom, dealing 150/160/175/200 injury to enemies inside a variety of 10/11/13/16 meters. The rupture is seen as a line of infestation and enemies inside Four meters of it will likely be broken.

Enemies hit will add to stackers per each 5 enemies and every enemy will refund 25% of the vitality consumed.

Prices 40 vitality.

  • Gamers could maintain the power to focus on the realm the place Virulence will go, permitting the power to be managed higher.
  • The extra stacks Nidus has, the upper the quantity of harm Virulence offers to enemies.
  • Having the next means effectivity will trigger every hit to revive extra vitality to Warframe Nidus Construct Information.


Warframe Nidus Construct Information launches an infested pod that erupts, releasing tendrils that latch onto enemies inside a radius of 8/9/10/12 meters, pulling them in and holding them in place for a 4/5/6/7 seconds.

Prices 25 vitality.

  • Larva will explode on impression, pulling any enemies to the placement the place the power was focused in addition to holding them.
  • When all enemies held by Larva have been killed, the power will finish and could also be immediately recast.

Parasitic Hyperlink

Binds Nidus to a goal, pals or foe, inflicting allies to have elevated 10%/15%/20%/25% elevated energy, whereas enemies which were latched on too will take 20%/30%/40%/50% incoming injury that Nidus ought to take, stopping Warframe Nidus Construct Information from receiving injury.

The hyperlink lasts for 30/35/45/60 seconds and is ranged at 24/28/34/40 meters for allies or 10/13/16/20 meters for enemies. Just one Parasitic Hyperlink could also be energetic and recasting the power will unlink any present bonds.

Prices Zero vitality. Requires 1 mutation stack.

  • Utilizing Virulence when linked to an enemy or ally with Parasitic Hyperlink will trigger the power to be launched from each Nidus and the linked goal.
  • Enemies which have greater quantities of well being and that may stand up to extra injury are appropriate targets for Parasitic Hyperlink for higher survivability.

RavenousWarframe Nidus Build Guide

Nidus spawns infestation from the bottom, continually summoning maggots to burst out and assault enemies, exploding on them for 100/110/125/150 injury. The infested space additionally permits allies to regen by 10/13/16/20 well being per second. Explosion radius is ranged at a base of Four meters.

The infestation lasts for a length of 25/30/35/40 seconds and can constantly spawn as much as 9 maggots for so long as it’s energetic.

Prices Zero vitality. Requires three mutation stacks.

  • Maggots that spawn from the infested space when utilizing Ravenous could also be detonated by utilizing Virulence, inflicting them to blow up immediately to deal extra injury to enemies close by.
  • Holding down the Virulence means will spotlight maggots, making it simpler to focus on them for compelled detonation.
  • The extra stacks Warframe Nidus Construct Information has, the upper the quantity of harm maggot offers after they explode.


Primary Nidus Construct (All Abilities Construct)

This construct is a starter construct for many who have simply gotten Nidus or those that want a primary construct to start out off with. This construct permits Nidus to successfully use all of his talents in addition to present him with the capabilities of regenerating vitality by way of the Hunter Adrenaline mod to feed the Virulence means vitality.

Utilizing this construct, gamers can survive greater degree missions and final lengthy throughout limitless ones supplied they can generate stacks and use Warframe Nidus Construct Information at a newbie to reasonable degree.

Nidus Nuker Construct (Rising Injury Construct)

The Nuker Construct for Nidus has a lowered quantity of length since this has been traded off for different stats and as a result of the truth that Larva won’t must final so lengthy. Your primary supply of harm shall be utilizing the Virulence means, gaining stacks and injury as you constantly use it towards your enemies.

Having a excessive means effectivity will trigger Virulence to price much less vitality and permit it to replenish extra, making it simple to kill enemies that you’ve caught with Larva. Your primary combo shall be casting Larva and utilizing Virulence repeatedly.

Nidus Disabler Construct (Crowd Management Construct)

This construct focuses on utilizing Larva to latch on to enemies and convey them to an space. With a excessive quantity of means effectivity, vitality prices are lowered to extraordinarily low quantities however in alternate, length and skill energy are lowered.

The primary goal of this construct is to get all of your enemies into one spot to complete off. This works nicely with particular missions like The Index and permits Warframe Nidus Construct Information to behave as a help Warframe. The heightened vary will enable enemies to be pulled from very lengthy distances, guaranteeing areas are simpler to clear.

Teeming Virulence Construct (Crucial Enhance Construct)

A barely completely different construct going for enhancing Nidus weapon injury, the Teeming Virulence Construct makes use of the increase to offer Nidus a rise in essential probability at any time when he hits Four enemies with the power. The mods on this construct trigger the essential probability to extend as much as 405% whereas the length lasts for 19 seconds.

This enables Nidus to simply get essential probabilities by merely utilizing Larva to tug enemies collectively in order that he can use Virulence on them. Quite a few enemies make issues simpler for this construct and the injury prospects can attain insane ranges because of the excessive essential probability.

Lava Burst Construct (Disabler Nuker Construct)

The Lava Burst increase didn’t come as quickly as Warframe Nidus Construct Informationlaunch however when it did, Nidus turned a great AOE nuke Warframe. One of the annoying issues about Larva was that you possibly can not cancel it and also you needed to anticipate it to finish. With the Lava Burst increase, not solely are you able to cease it, it now has AOE injury.

This construct means that you can use Larva at a lesser vitality price whereas giving the advantages of the increase. This lets you kill a number of enemies simply. The injury alone is already excessive, and that is elevated extra by the power energy mods which were added. Extra enemies will imply extra injury since every enemy provides extra to the injury dealt.

Considerable Mutation Construct (Mutation Stacks Construct)

Just like the Nidus Nuker Construct, this construct is concentrated on inflicting as a lot injury to enemies however with a lift of getting a good bigger quantity of mutation stacks. With the extra 200 mutation stacks, Nidus’ talents will be capable to do much more injury and he will even have extra probabilities when put in a essential scenario.

This construct is nice for limitless missions because the stacks alone could cause Nidus to do an especially excessive quantity of harm, killing enemies which can be degree 100 and above inside a couple of hits. With 100 stacks, Nidus is already able to killing swarms of enemies simply, think about what he can do with 300.

Closing Ideas

There are a couple of methods to make use of Nidus and plenty of like him for his means to deal with hordes of enemies simply. The earlier Nidus can construct up his stacks, the earlier he can carry till the late sport. Infinite missions comparable to survival and protection are simply accomplished as a result of Warframe Nidus Construct Informationmeans to pile up enemies and end them together with his Virulence, with the extra injury from Ravenous.

Nidus is extra of a tank than different Warframes though he has no shields. This makes it simple to construct for protection with well being or armor mods and gamers could make use of him when searching corrupted mods for the reason that Decaying Key may be geared up (reduces defend), having no destructive impact in any respect since he has none.

Being a mix of a injury vendor and a tank, Nidus makes fairly the mix of his talents to heal allies with Ravenous and to buff them with Parasitic Hyperlink making him fairly a supportive Warframe.

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