XCOM 2 Cheats For PC – Codes, and Secrets

XCOM 2 came out not long ago to wide approval, but at the same time it’s for the most part viewed as significantly trickier than the past title in the arrangement. Fortunately, and simply like in the first present day reboot of XCOM 2 Cheats, there’s a large group of comfort orders and cheat codes that you can utilize on the off chance that you’ve hit a complete block divider in your advancement.

While utilizing any of the accompanying console orders will no uncertainty ruin your XCOM 2 experience, remember that – at the hour of distribution at any rate – applying them won’t keep you from gaining ground towards your Achievements.

To utilize any of these XCOM 2 cheats, you’ll most importantly need to change the dispatch choices for the game. To do this, go to your Steam Library, find the game, at that point right-click on XCOM 2 and select Properties. From here, search for the little catch stamped “Set Launch Options”. Snap it, at that point reorder the accompanying in:

This page contains a rundown of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and different mysteries for XCOM 2 for PC. On the XCOM 2 cheats Nintendo switch off chance that you’ve found a cheat you’d prefer to add to the page, or have a revision, it would be ideal if you click EDIT and add it.

XCOM 2 Cheats Steam

  • Take No Damage
  • All units powerful with boundless ammo Power Up
  • Switch fabricate all facilities Set Strategy Facilities Unlock All
  • Flip all offices free Set Stratagy Facilities Free
  • Switch fabricate offices instantly Set Stratagy Facilities Instant Build
  • Switch fabricate all offices immediately for free Set Stratagy Facilities Super Spree
  • Get Advent MEC corpses give resource Corpse Advent MEC [number]
  • Get Advent Officer corpses give resource Corpse Advent Officer [number]
  • Get Advent Shield bearer corpses giveresource Corpse Advent Shield  bearer [number]
  • Get Advent Stun Lancer corpses giveresource Corpse Advent Stun Lancer [number]
  • Get Advent Trooper corpses giveresource Corpse Advent Trooper [number]
  • Get Alien Alloys giveresource Alien Alloy [number]
  • Get Archon corpses giveresource Corpse Archon [number]
  • Get Berserker corpses giveresource Corpse Berserker [number]
  • Get E.X.O. Suits add item heavy plate darmor [number]
  • Get Elerium Cores giveresource Elerium Core [number]
  • Get Elerium Crystals giveresource Elerium Dust [number]
  • Get Faceless corpses giveresource Corpse Faceless [number]
  • Get Intel giveresource Intel [number]
  • Get Muton corpses giveresource Corpse Muton [number]
  • Get PCS: Superior Agility add item Epic PCS Agility [number]
  • Get PCS: Superior Conditioning add item Epic PCS Conditioning [number]

xcom 2 cheats

  • Get PCS: Superior Focus add item Epic PCS Focus [number]
  • Get PCS: Superior Perception add item Epic PCS Perception [number]
  • Get PCS: Superior Speed add item Epic PCS Speed [number]
  • Get Sectoid corpses giveresource Corpse Sentoid [number]
  • Get Spider Suits add item light plate darmor [number]
  • Get Superior Auto-Loaders add item Reload Upgrade _Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Expanded Magazines add item Clip Size Upgrade _Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Hair Triggers additem Free Fire Upgrade _Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Laser Sights additem Crist Upgrade _Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Repeaters additem Free Kill Upgrade _Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Scopes additem Aim Upgrade_ Sup [number]
  • Get Superior Stocks additem Miss Damage Upgrade_ Sup [number]
  • Get Supplies giveresource supplies [number]
  • Get Viper corpses giveresource Corpse Viper [number]
  • Get W.A.R. Suits additem heavy power darmor [number]
  • Get Wraith Suits additem light power edarmor [number]
  • Get a Scientist with showed aptitude level gives scientist [number]
  • Get an Engineer with showed aptitude level give engineer [number]
  • Get the shown tech Give Tech [tech name]

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XCOM 2 Console – Cheats


  • give resource supplies XXXXX
  • give resource Alien Alloy XXXX
  • give resource Elerium Dust XXXX (=Elerium Crystals)
  • give resource Intel XXXX
  • give engineer 100 (one great Engineer)
  • give scientist 100 (one great Scientist)
  • Give Facility OTS
  • Give Facility Foundry
  • Give Facility Psi Labs
  • Give Facility Elerium Generator
  • Carcasses: (possibly works in the event that you have at any rate one)
  • giveresource Corpse Sectoid XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent Trooper XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent Officer XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent Stun Lancer XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent Shield bearer XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Faceless XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Viper XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Berserker XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Archon XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent Turret XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Muton XXXXX
  • giveresource Corpse Advent MEC XXXXX


  • additem Crit Upgrade _Sup (5 = Amount)
  • additem Aim Upgrade Sup 5
  • additem Clip Size Upgrade_ Sup 5
  • additem Free Fire Upgrade _Sup 5
  • additem Reload Upgrade_ Sup 5
  • additem Miss Damage Upgrade_ Sup 5
  • additem Free Kill Upgrade_Sup 5
  • additem Epic PCS Speed 5
  • additem Epic PCS Conditioning 5
  • additem EpicPCSFocus 5
  • additem EpicPCSPerception 5
  • additem Epic PCS Agility 5
  • additem heavy plate darmor 5 (E.X.O. Suit)
  • additem light plate darmor 5 (Spider Suit)
  • additem heavy power edarmor 5 (W.A.R. Suit)
  • additem light power edarmor 5 (Wraith Suit)
  • additem talon rounds 5 (Talon Rounds)
  • additem tracer rounds 5 (Tracer Rounds)
  • additem in cendiary rounds 5 (Dragon Rounds)
  • additem Venom Ronuds 5
  • additem AP Rounds 5
  • additem Blue screen rounds 5
  • additem firebomb 5 (Incendiary Grande)
  • additem acid grenade 5 (Acid Grande)
When you come out of concealment, do it carefully. Running ahead is risky, since you could trigger an enemy encounter halfway through a turn, when you’re not prepared. Keep a single character at the front of the group (the Ranger works best), and let the others tag behind by at least a square or two. Why take unnecessary risks when it’s so easy to play things safe?

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